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Choosing house/a triangle garden.

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mekim Tue 04-Feb-14 13:24:06

Sorry I delate last common for mistake so I post again.

Thanks lot, yeah, it is a corner of road. Last time 3 months ago, we looked the house which has a sharp corner and now it's still on sale.So, we are still looking for a house. There is a new on sale which has a triangle garden as well ,but any other room is good looking. We re just concern about the garden. This house has 2 bedroom so it is suitable for our budget, so we re thinking about if we sell it in the future, and will it a difficult to sell according to you?

LizLemongrass Tue 04-Feb-14 13:30:42

I rented a corner hse like that and i hated it. Too many passersby looking in as the were at traffic lights. Could hear traffic lights bleeping... garden seemed huge and harder to keep than the house. The kids never went in the garden. And i couldnt see the garden from kitchen window, only from front door itself. Was always worried clothes would b robbed from washing line.

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