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Woodburner without a chimney

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Iseeall Tue 04-Feb-14 13:00:15

Is it possible to have a wood burner without a chimney.

I understand you can have a gas fire with a flue going through an outside wall, as you would a cooker hood extractor or tumble dryer hose, so would it be possible to have a wood burner installed in a similar way?

I genuinely have no idea, so hope this is not a totally barmy question,

amyboo Tue 04-Feb-14 15:30:55

Yes you can have a wood burner without a chimney. I have some Swedish friends who have one in their house, and my brother has one in his house in Norway. I think the flue has to go straight up though - in both the houses I mentioned, the flue goes straight up from the burner and out through the roof (the Swedish house is 1 storey, and my brother house is upside down, so the lounge is upstairs).

poocatcherchampion Tue 04-Feb-14 19:02:26

yes we are getting one. the showroom we went to had one going out the wall and up - like an ugly metal chimney. grin.

bigbadbarry Tue 04-Feb-14 19:09:20

Yes, we have one. The flue goes straight up for about 150cm then angles and goes out through the wall. We have a mahoosive shiny silver chimney on the outside of the house so if that would worry you you can't do it!

AlpacaLypse Tue 04-Feb-14 19:21:24

Was about to post exactly the same as bigbadbarry smile

StoveMonkey Tue 04-Feb-14 19:59:48

Twin wall flue is what would be required, this can either be run internally up through the rooms & attic above, straight out of the roof. Or they can exit an external wall at 45 degrees then up the outside, rather like a chip shop :-) although you can get them powder coated in nearly any colour to match the surroundings.

cafesociety Tue 04-Feb-14 20:27:29

I have a wood burner in the corner of a room, and the flue goes up through the ceiling, through the attic and out through the roof. I'm in a bungalow so a straightforward job.

Alfiecat Tue 04-Feb-14 22:41:59

We have a wood burner with no big chimney in the room. Ours goes straight outside and then up a metal insulated chimney on the outside of the house. You can only do this on an outside wall.

LEMmingaround Tue 04-Feb-14 22:49:13

Yes but its pricey

Alfiecat Tue 04-Feb-14 22:56:43

You can see a picture of ours on my profile.

poocatcherchampion Wed 05-Feb-14 08:43:35

has anyone any idea how much it might cost? our local showrooms seem somewhat cagey at this stage.

StoveMonkey Wed 05-Feb-14 17:26:38

I usual figure about £5-800 for the chimney parts + the studwork etc required for "boxiing in".

bigbadbarry Wed 05-Feb-14 17:27:42

Our massive shiny double-walled flue thingy was somewhere in the region of £1500, iirc

emark Wed 05-Feb-14 17:35:16

our twin wall insulated external flue in a standard 3 bed semi was almost £2k for all parts, we diy fitted then needs signing off by building regs at council or a heats engineer to install with a certificate

Iseeall Wed 05-Feb-14 18:46:11

Thanks for all the replies.
We are house hunting at the moment and dh is set on a real fire(I suggest wood burner)
Knowing we could install one in a more modern home is great.
Alfiecat your modern wood burner looks fab.

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