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New conservatory roof - HOW much?!

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brumeye Fri 17-Jan-14 15:16:32

Was I being outrageously optimistic to think we could replace our conservatory roof without it bankrupting us?

We have a UPVC conservatory, and want to replace the polycarbonate roof with a glass one, to reduce rain noise and keep out the sun / keep in heat (a bit). I'm fully aware a "proper" extension would give us a better solution, so let's not go there (we've had enough of architects and builders to last us a lifetime recently!).

So, the roof is a simple gable roof, dimensions:
Length: 5m
Width: 3.5m
Height of roof above top of window frames: 1.2m
Total of 14 panes of glass (7 down each side).

The price includes a fan and light combo in the middle of the roof. It's only the roof, none of the rest of the conservatory is changing. We have asked for solar control glass; they've specified "Eco-Lite Activ-Blue" whatever that might be, U-value of 1.0 which is what we wanted.

Total price for the roof? £14k shock

I was kind of thinking that would be most of the way to a whole conservatory... Am I wrong? Am I supposed to haggle them down to, say, half of what they've quoted? Maybe getting a proper brick-built extension wouldn't be such a bad idea after all...

snowgirl1 Fri 17-Jan-14 16:44:36

Who did you get to quote? I asked a double-glazing replacement guy to quote for replacing the polycarb with glass and he told me a it would be about £2K (our conservatory is approx. 3m x 3m with 9 panes of glass).

I got a quote from a company who put insulated 'rooves' on conservatories and that was about £10k.

£14k seems totally OTT to me - but maybe that's due to the specialist glass you've asked for.

Might be worth searching Checkatrade for double glazing unit replacement companies (people who replace double glazing that's gone all steamy) and getting them to give you a quote?

perspective Fri 17-Jan-14 18:15:52

We have this glass roof. Price sounds about right. We had 4 quotes, they were much of a muchness.

If its any help its a fabulous roof! Really insulating compared to old polycarbonate one and the room really is useable all year round. I have an additional heater for when it is sub zero but otherwise just 2 radiators in a similar sized room and its been lovely all winter.

brumeye Fri 17-Jan-14 19:04:49

snowgirl - Yes, I'm sure the special glass is adding a lot to the cost, but one big reason for replacing the polycarbonate is to lose/gain less heat, so I think we have to go for the best glass we can.

The price is from a local company we used for our double glazing (which was excellent and reasonably priced), so I suspect this price is probably not massively inflated. Just came as a shock!

I hadn't even considered replacing just the plastic panels with glass; I'd assumed the structure wouldn't take the extra weight. Hmmm.

Perspective - thanks for confirming that the glass DOES make a big difference. I'd hate to pay this much then regret it!

puffylovett Mon 20-Jan-14 17:43:47

We have a large conservatory with a polycarbonate roof and were quoted 5k by Pilkington I think. Can't remember the exact details as it was 2 years ago now!

I am constantly dreaming about replacing it with an extension. Yes because of heat loss, even though its useable in winter, but mostly because it just makes the whole
Back of the house an odd space...

Jengca122 Mon 18-May-15 22:40:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Laquila Tue 19-May-15 22:36:48

Sorry to hijack but PuffyLovatt, can I please ask why it makes the back of the house an odd space?! We're looking at buying a house that a lower ground floor office extension into the garden, and the roof of that extension is the patron, learning out from the living room. It's crying out to be conservatoried! What don't you like about yours?

Tattylashes21 Thu 07-Jul-16 11:14:56

Hi just thought I'd add my quotes for a makeover from York Windows in Wigan (local trusted business been around for yonks). 3.5m by 3m edwardian polycarbonate conservatory. New all glass roof replacement £4k, light weight tiles & Velux £4.5k, Lantern £7k. Windows and French door replacement 2k. If knocking through to make open plan kitchen they will help with building control (no pp needed) and do the lot too if required.

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