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Planning an extension this year - anyone else?

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schilke Wed 15-Jan-14 16:02:43

Anyone fancy joining a support thread for extension planning & building! We have lived in our current house for nearly 15 years. It was built in the 1870s and had a kitchen extension at the back built in the 1950s. We are going to demolish that and build a 2 storey extension converting the current music/dining room in to a kitchen/diner and a new bedroom with en suite above. The kitchen has a terrace and steps/slide down to the garden.

A planning application has just been put in and I'm nervous! Plan is to start building when ds1 has finished his gcses this summer. Anyone else got plans?

WooWooOwl Wed 15-Jan-14 16:08:15

We're thinking about it, but still at the stage where we're trying to decide whether it would be better to extend or move.

If we do have an extension, it will be a second storey going up over our garage to make a decent sized bedroom as dc2 is currently in a tiny room, and a porch at the front and a conservatory at the back. But we are only in an ex council three bed semi, so we're wary of spending too much when it might only add very little value.

And I have no idea how the whole thing works with planning applications and drawing up plans etc, so need to do my research.

If you keep posting about how yours is going, I will read with interest!

bigbadbarry Wed 15-Jan-14 17:31:53

Mine has started, can I join?
We have taken down the conservatory (which was pretty but never used as it was always too hot or too cold and only habitable for 2 months of the year!). We are rebuilding just a foot or so outside its footprint, plus 2 metres longer iyswim so it goes across the whole back room of the house, then knocking the old dividing wall down to make a big space which will house a new kitchen, a dining area (with a wall in between despite my builder not being very keen, he wants to go properly open plan) and a sitting area. The old kitchen will then become a study for DH who has started working from home.
We didn't need planning permission as it is only a couple of metres (you can go up to 8 without at the moment, which is huge isnt it!). All going smoothly so far touch wood, just endless cups of tea and lots of mud. And we are on skip number 6.

2plus1 Wed 15-Jan-14 20:53:55

We have plans in for an extra reception room on the back of our house measuring 4.5m by 3m. It is under permitted development but are getting it approved prior to build anyway. Just having the work priced up so assuming the quote is still ok we plan to start in a couple of months. Very exciting but scary as we will have to live through it.

TheRaniOfYawn Wed 15-Jan-14 20:57:49

I am getting the house measured up tomorrow morning. We want to knock down the conservatory and build a two storey extension on the side of our house with a bedroom upstairs and a kitchen downstairs. We will knock the new kitchen bit into the current kitchen to create a kitchen diner. I am a bit worried about getting planning permission as the house is an end terrace rather than a semi.

bigbutsrus1 Wed 15-Jan-14 21:30:43

We start work in March! We are in a mid Victorian cottage terrace. We are removing old leaking conservatory and adding on 3 meters out - using permitted development. Single story with pitch roof with velux windows. Still going with building regs though. We are using a local brick layer, carpenter for roof, separate plumber etc. worked out cheaper, and we trust them as they are local people. We are going to knock through (have structural engineer calculations for steels). We are going to turn it into a kitchen diner with sofa area, French doors and side lights to garden - so lots of glass at the back, south facing. Exciting but nervous at the same time!

MissWing Thu 16-Jan-14 12:58:08

Me too!

Ours will be the classic kitchen/diner on the back of a 3 bed semi. It will span the width of the house (7.5m) and go back 4 m.

So far we have had 3 builders view the plans and the site, now we wait for their quotes.(very nervous- will our budget match our plans?)

We have to apply for a building over sewer agreement and that's in progress.

We'll be sharing the cost of one wall with the adjoining neighbour as they will use it when they build their (similar extension) later this year. So far this is a verbal agreement, but we will be putting it all into writing with a party wall agreement shortly.

we'll need planning- our architect reckons we apply for planning but start building in meantime as there is only a bay window going 60cm further than permitted development.

Wow- this project is like a full time job. In theory it is my project until we sign contract with builder and after that DH steps in and takes control. In theory.

All the best eveyone. think we all have some challenges ahead. it will be worth it, right?

I send most of my time on pinterest making my mood boards.

Ooh- let's share mood boards! If anyone is on pinterest I'm called 'winnie and barnaby'

OK- here goes!

bigbadbarry Thu 16-Jan-14 16:30:05

I just followed you on pinterest. I have walls as tall as my nose and cannot believe I haven't started putting stuff on pinterest yet! What have I been thinking. Will begin immediately smile

Binkybix Thu 16-Jan-14 17:46:04

We're considering it - a 2 bed flat in Central London, potentially going to do kitchen diner in yard (leaving little courtyard garden) and (gulp) dig into our basement and make into master bedroom with en suite.

Waiting to submit planning - our council is strict, but just need to wait for Land Registry to confirm our border (cuts off a teeny bit off of straight, cutting my potential kitchen).

I'm nervous. Both me and DH useless with DIY.

What sort if kitchens are people thinking about?

MillieMummy Thu 16-Jan-14 17:51:26

We are hoping to extend this year but at a very early stage. Have got agreement from bank for money; tomorrow I am meeting with an architect - who is also a friend - to brief her on what we want.

We would like to extend our living room - an additional three meters which in our little house would make a huge difference.

I am really worried about permitted development/planning; we did a loft conversion 7 yrs ago and getting planning agreement was a nightmare.

schilke Thu 16-Jan-14 18:46:07

Lots of plans! Our neighbour had an extension which was completed a year ago and we are using his project manager. Really lovely chap. He has just drawn up the plans. He will sort everything out, which is what we want as we know nothing.

We need planning permission as we are in a conservation area and although using the same ground footprint, we are adding an extra level. Apparently planning officer can be very fussy about the extension matching the original building. A woman from planning came round and vaguely okayed it (pre planning stage), so hopefully it'll all be ok. She was concerned about the look of the house from the back - has quite a prominent position. We'll just have to wait and see.

I am a little worried about having to move kitchen in to a temporary kitchen in the current dining room. We have 4 dc and hope to offload some of them to various grandparents during the summer. Goodness knows what the dog will make of it all!

MissWing Wed 29-Jan-14 22:01:49

Thanks, BigBadBarry - pinterest is a joy.

MillieMummy, I'd like a shaker door in a pale mint green, with ice white stone worktop.

But builder number 1 submitted his quote £71,000. A mere £31,000 over our budget. At this rate we will be re-using our 1960s formica units that came with the house!

Builder number 1 then came round and spent 2 hours with DH and they managed to trim off £16,000 (losing bits from the scheme and us doing a bunch of the work ourselves)- it's going to be a busy year.

How's everyone else getting on?

MrsJamin Thu 30-Jan-14 05:15:06

Hi, we are also doing the classic knock-through kitchen diner on our 1930s semi, using the side return for a laundry/loo and study too, just one storey. I am really daunted by how disruptive it will be but our present layout is so frustrating to live in! Long galley kitchen which makes me feel like I am the little wife who needs to know her place, as it's too small for even one other person to help out!
I am frantically pinning away and considering kitchens - current thoughts are to go with walnut laminate and white gloss handleless cupboards.

2plus1 Thu 30-Jan-14 07:15:37

Our plans have been with the council for permitted development and today they are coming to inspect the site, eek. I assume this is normal to visit as technically we could have just started it. Hoping it goes well. We are still waiting for our builders final numbets.

bryte Thu 30-Jan-14 07:57:46

Yes. We had plans drawn up in November and they're with the council - awaiting approval for permitted development (the extended one) and our immediate neighbours have until Feb5th to object. It's unlikely they will as we're on good terms with them and both have extended their houses.

As we have the plans we're going to get builders quotes so we can start to budget (borrow more money!).

Does anyone have a good guide for what to ask builders when they come and give quotes?

I'm excited to get the build started but also happy to be in the denial period. I know it is going to be chaos for a few months and I like to puty that out of my head and instead imagine the finished result.

ohnoyou Thu 30-Jan-14 11:57:14

Can I join please? Plans are being drawn now for an L shaped 2 storey extension.
We're in a 1930's, 3 bedrooms semi (3rd bedroom tiny) we plan to demolish a small downstairs 1940's extension (was kitchen, before we spent loads converting it to a dining area) and a small conservatory. The old kitchen extension is falling off so we have to do something.
Anyway our plans are a large room running across the back, lots of glass etc. A built in garage with downstairs loo, and 2 bedrooms above (1 on suite) and a larger family bathroom. We hope to bring it in for under £90,000, although this may be a bit optimistic. Good luck everyone, looking forward to reading about everyone's progress.

2plus1 Thu 30-Jan-14 19:58:08

Well the council seem happy but the builders final quote/contract is higher than we expected by 33 percent. Why are there so many ups and downs before we have already started, I know during the crazy phase it will be hard. Oh what to do??

giraffesrcool Tue 04-Feb-14 14:58:58

This is a useful site if you want to find out more about the many aspects involved in extending your home. Good luck everyone with your projects.

You need any advice or assistance regarding building orangery or conservatory extensions then feel free to ask me smile

Re: getting builders quotes

Always ask the builder to break the build down into phases.
Then each phase has a set amount of tasks that need completing.
If, for example, PHASE 1 takes about a week and involves demolition of a wall or brickwork then you know how much that job will be when the builder gives a quote for phase 1.

We are all familiar with breaking down quotations for customers...otherwise the communication breaks down at the first hurdle and the poo hits the fan

OneMoreThenNoMore Wed 05-Feb-14 17:50:12

Ooh, just spotted this thread! We're planning to demolish our kitchen and build a kitchen/dining room/ loo/ utility, within the extended permitted development thingy- see, I know my technical stuff wink

We've had one quote so far (from a builder that we've used lots in the past) and we've just been getting our finances organised before speaking to other builders, looking at kitchens, etc. We're getting ready to put our form in to the planning department now.

I'm starting to think about the practicalities of being without a kitchen and garden for a while; with two small children, two cats and a dog, it's going to be a challenge hmm

ellsybells Mon 10-Feb-14 22:27:58

So glad I found this thread as I'm really in need of advice, or failing that a shoulder to cry on (virtually speaking)! We were hoping to extend our 1930s semi up, out and back (thinking: how hard can that be?!) but six months after we appointed an moonlighting commercial architect (working mostly on the weekends) we haven't even started the planning stage. It has slowly dawned on us that this is a fairly ambitious not to mention expensive scheme to do all at once. Oh and we probably should've packed a different architect since we haven't heard from him since Christmas!

Is anyone else planning a double storey side, single storey back and loft extension all together? Did you use a full service architects firm or someone else to draw up your plans? I just didn't think our house was worthy of the full on designer service. It's neither period Victorian nor in a beautiful street of identical houses and to be honest two of the local architect firms didn't even return our calls after the initial meeting. So if you have discovered a middle way between the two extremes I'd love to hear about it.

Good luck everyone with your projects!

Nivamc Tue 11-Feb-14 12:01:28

Oh can I join too please? We've just started a double storey side, single storey rear and loft conversion / extension. We started the process last July - got builders in to quote to see if we could afford it in the first place. That took about 2 months. Then met with two different architects and appointed one we liked - that took another month. Architect drew up plans - after some to-ing and fro-ing, that probably took another 2 months for us to agree what we wanted to do. Then the plans were submitted to local council who took 8 weeks to approve them. And I thought it would be done by Christmas!
Re: using an architect, I found it really hard to visualise what the new layout would look like which is why we used an architect. We used someone local who knew the council and could advise on what would and wouldn't get approved which saved us time in the long run. Although I did have to chase her daily for updates - almost like she didn't need the business!
The foundations have been dug and I am already picking out kitchens, bathrooms, paint samples etc!

lurkingmurking Tue 11-Feb-14 12:07:05

Me too please! We are planning a loft conversion and side return extension on our victorian terrace. We also need the whole house 'made good' and a couple of chimney breasts knocked out. We are planning to move out for the duration.

We are in the very very early stages and still have no clue whether the bank will let us borrow the extra money when we remortgage.

So far I have spent hours on pinterest and houzz looking at all the frivoulous stuff. We've had a number of firms round and have had a couple of quotes - ouch.

I'm terrified tbh.

Next step is to actually ask for the money (we have decided on our maximum we could afford and are just going to ask for that) and then start 'properly'.

Drywhiteplease Wed 12-Feb-14 22:38:48

I'm in. We start phase 2 May 5th. Phase 1 was last September, we knocked kitchen and diner together to make a massive L shaped room. Phase 2 is an L shaped bedroom with a dressing area, ensuite and big family bathroom. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by bathrooms at the moment. Wish someone else could choose them for me.

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