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London Property: How overpriced is this house?

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QuintessentialShadows Tue 14-Jan-14 10:47:16


I like it. But it is very small. Compared to the other houses in the area it seems very expensive for its size and build.

LondonGirl83 Tue 14-Jan-14 23:44:55

Doesn't seem that overpriced given that its about 50% larger than the houses that sold for less 425k 12 months ago given the market has moved. It's probably about right.

Skiskiskis Wed 15-Jan-14 09:28:54

LondonGirl83 - are you an EA or have some other kind of vested interest?

Rockdoctor Wed 15-Jan-14 09:42:44

Doesn't seem to bad for Putney (although I agree Barnes is nicer).

As long as overseas buyers are buying up whole blocks and letting them sit empty purely as an investment/money box, the London bubble isn't going to burst.

QuintessentialShadows Wed 15-Jan-14 10:27:28

Houses sold a year ago seem to have more extension potential though, and are not newly refurbished. I think I rather buy one that was not already extended to the max that I could make into what I want. Not sure I like the open flow of Kitchen at the front, study/office in the middle, and dining room/living room at the front.

The other houses has a third single bedroom on the first floor, they have converted this into a bathroom, so two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the first floor, and a loft with a raised roof, but NOT a dormer giving full height, and no ensuite. This seems a waste.

If I were to extend into the loft of a mid terrace, I would do a dormer with full ceiling height out back and a Juliette balcony, and include an ensuite bath/shower room, rather than just a slightly raised roof on a big room. It is not really a bedroom. It is more like a loft lounge without a view!

Hellocleaveland Sun 19-Jan-14 18:59:46

When I grew up in Putney the Dover House road area was all council houses, but I doubt there are even a handful left now. It's a nice enough area I suppose, but not really 'proper' Putney to my mind. That does seem to be a very high price though, I agree that you would be better off trying to get an un-extended property and doing it up yourselves if possible. Also, I'm not sure what your catchment for local schools would be there. Unless you are thinking private, in which case there are lots of good ones. I wish I could afford to live in Putney these days, the house I grew up in is now worth over 2 million!

LCHammer Sun 19-Jan-14 19:28:48

Hellocleveland - the houses have remained. Parking can be a problem (squashed) in some of the crescents and cul de sacs off the main road.

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