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Moving to Sheffield area

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KD227 Thu 09-Jan-14 11:03:26


My husband has been offered a promotion, which means we will have to relocate from Herts to somewhere commutable to Sheffield (up to 45 minutes). Having only travelled to the Peaks a couple of times, I don't really know that area at all and have absolutely no idea where to start looking. Please could anyone offer some suggestions that may be suitable? I have 3 boys, so we are looking for good primaries and secondaries, preferably outside of the big towns (semi rural), 4 beds, with some outside space and have a budget of about £375K.

Thanks so much to anyone that can help! I'm completely lost...

gottodosomething Sat 11-Jan-14 10:55:12

Bump - I'd be interested to know too. Have heard that Beauchief is nice? Or am I completely wrong? And Chapel-en-le-Frith? Anyone?

StripyPenguin Sat 11-Jan-14 13:45:48

Buxton area is lovely, plenty of houses like this

ArtexMonkey Sat 11-Jan-14 14:01:24

Buxton is miles out of Sheffield, no way could you commute in 45 mins.

A lot of people who don't know the area and move here initially move to stannington - they think 'ah, near the peaks, property is dead cheap, how awesome' but it is cheap for a reason, so avoid wink

Beauchief is very nice gotto, that end of town is the naice end, so Dore, Totley, Millhouses, they're on the outskirts of the city but obviously commutable.

You can get the train from Dore and be in the city centre in 10 mins fwiw, which is worth considering because Sheffield city centre is a huge fucking giant ballache congested pain in the fucking arse to drive and park in.

This is another reason I would be looking at nicer areas on the outskirts of the city tbh rather than looking to commute from Hope or Castleton (which sounds and looks like a good plan in theory) - there is just no way you could reliably do that commute in 45 mins in rush hour. On a good day, maybe. But it would be the exception tbh, if your dh is working normal office hours.

StripyPenguin Sat 11-Jan-14 14:05:17

Friends of mine do it, they reckon it's an hour, not sure I believe them - it's not a drive I've done though.
Yes, I agree that Dore and Totley are lovely and would also avoid Stannington.

soaccidentprone Sat 11-Jan-14 14:05:54

Totally agree with AM

maybe something like this?

badasahatter Sat 11-Jan-14 14:16:33

Beauchief is a lovely area, but doesn't have a great catchment in terms of state secondary schools as far as I know. For that reason, house prices are a little lower than some of the surrounding nice areas.

If you want to be in-between town and country, Ecclesall is naice. Lots of parks on the doorstep, on the edge of the round walk, which takes you into the peak district, yet walkable to town. The prices for houses are higher south of the city, but the schools are generally great. It's rubbish for the motorway, but it's dead easy to get into town, so you can get the train easily, and it's good for trekking out into the Peaks.

I moved to Sheffield 25 years ago and wouldn't live anywhere else. I love it.

badasahatter Sat 11-Jan-14 14:17:50

That house looks gorgeous soaccidentprone. Makes me want to move!

ArtexMonkey Sat 11-Jan-14 14:18:38

Jeez I would be mithered to death if my dh was doing an hour each way in and out of the city in the country roads. Traffic congestion and commuter knobbery is definitely the worst thing about Sheffield IMO.

God that's a lovely house soaccidentprone. I can't believe I forgot about s11!

S11 is a good area, basically you want to be in catchment for Tapton, Silverdale, High Storrs, King Edward's, King Ecbert's secondaries.

Sheffield is very friendly and just feels like a really massive village, I always think. I've lived here nearly 19 years and I'm always bumping into the same people or finding out that random person I've just met knows so and so whose housemate my old housemate used to go out with etc etc. It's very easy to make friends, especially if you have dcs. You won't regret the move op smile

soaccidentprone Sat 11-Jan-14 14:40:07

I now have house envy - having spent the morning repotting the house plants, and am now about to tackle cleaning the kitchen window, sill and frame.

badasahatter Sat 11-Jan-14 14:41:43

I just looked at the Sheffield Forum (useful for local knowledge if you want to find out anything specific about the area) and the consensus is that an S10 or S11 postcode are best if you want to live in Sheffield. That's not to put down other areas. You can find lovely houses and good streets all over the city, but the S10/S11 postcodes will bring you good primary schools and secondaries and they are generally well resourced.

My girl is at High Storrs and loves it to pieces. I have friends with older siblings who have gone there and ended up at Oxbridge. A friend's son ended up in University London College. They have a great mix of socio-economic backgrounds which I think gives a kid a great grounding. It's not as exclusive as Silverdale or King Edwards, but it's got a great feel about it, in my opinion.

ArtexMonkey Sat 11-Jan-14 15:06:47

My friend teaches at High Storrs smile I agree about the ethos etc. and about postcodes - I'm in s8, which works for us: we like where we are and are happy re schools and the general feel of the area and everything. But I agree that if you didn't know the area, just going on paper, you want to be looking at s11/s10, Fulwood, Dore, Totley, Millhouses, Ecclesall, Crosspool etc.

Just a word of warning about the s10 thing though: I used to have an s10 postcode when I lived in Broomhall as a student! Which obviously, nothing against Broomhall, it was fine at the time, lots of friendly people etc but it is NOT IDEAL NOW to say the least.

But op is sensible enough to move to Sheffield so she's sensible enough to scope out any property 'bargains' she may happen upon I guess wink

Some other useful info, op, here is a link to the Help Yourself database for Sheffield where you can search for info on clubs or hobbies or pretty much anything. And this is Sheffield Information Directory which is more to do with child care, youth clubs etc.

georgedawes Sat 11-Jan-14 16:04:37

Dore is lovely. If you want to be further out look at the stops on hope valley train line, but be prepared for bad winter weather!

LibraryBook Sat 11-Jan-14 19:35:13

I'd live close to the botanical gardens and all the shops and restaurants on the Eccleshall Road. Dore is very new money.

Ragusa Sat 11-Jan-14 21:31:31

Fulwood, Totley, Dore, Broomhill (parts of), Whirlow - are all nice. Basically, anywhere west of the city centre that's not Stannington. Lucky you, you'll get a really nice house up there with Hertfordshire money smile

PilchardsonToast Sat 11-Jan-14 21:47:15

drongiekd is really nice, great prinaty schools, a pretty good secondary school, 20 min commute and only 5 mins to the peaks. its quite cheap compared to equivalent areas in Sheffield. this housd looks quite nice


PilchardsonToast Sat 11-Jan-14 21:53:34
Trying again!

Katz Sat 11-Jan-14 22:07:28

The nice thing about Sheffield is that you can be close to the city but still feel like you're in countryside. Sheffield had loads of green spaces. We live in Crookes which we love, but bigger houses are rarer.

Lodgemoor is great for this short commute but sit rights on the edge of the city.

Broomhill has a lovely vibe, the city is walking distance and had great primary and secondary schools, this is a nce house

I'm not convinced that it would be a 20min commute from Dronfield at rush hour into the city under 45mins but not as quick as 20mins.

PulpsNotFiction Sat 11-Jan-14 22:40:31

Thought I'd NC for this so was inspired by Artexmonkey grin

I can vouch for the S11 area smile

Both my DS's go to High Storrs, ^^ see there's a reason Sheffield is known as a village! it's a great secondary with specialism in drama & Maths. There are many good ones, Tapton, King Edwards,Silverdale (think Silverdale has a more of S7 catchment) S7 is more suburban.

Property wise you may find yourself with the Sheffield dilemma of: 3 bed semi with smaller rooms but advantage of a garage and largish garden vs
Victorian semi with huge rooms but no garage and a smaller garden.

I like living round here, s11 is a real mix of families/students (but not so many anymore due to new student accomodation)/proffesional couples. It has a nice vibe and good local shops. Easy access to Parks/ bars and restaurants and a 10 minute drive to the countryside.

Lots of great sporting facilities in Sheffield too for the the DC's and you if you're so inclined!

PM me if you want any other info.

BikeRunSki Sat 11-Jan-14 22:51:14

Ex S11er *Endcliffe Park and Ringinglow Village) and Hope Valley-er here. AM's various posts sum up Sheffield and it's environs very well.

I was lucky enough to work to the south of the city centre (Nether Edge) so we lived in Hope and I got to work in under 30 mins. That drive over North Lees is beautiful. We are not too far away now and visit often. It breaks my heart that that used to be my commute....

Ragusa Sat 11-Jan-14 23:06:13

If you've got kids, I would definitely definitely go for one of the western suburbs rather than somewhere inbetween Sheffield and Chesterfield. They will thank you for the better transport links and better pubs and social life when they are older.

My dad went to High Storrs in the 1950s shock

Starballbunny Sat 11-Jan-14 23:18:53

My grandparents lived in Dore in a two bed bungalow with a huge garden. looking on Google earth it's been demolished and turned into a big house. Which makes sense, but still makes me sad I spent a lot of my school holidays in that house.

My DDad went to King Edward's and my uncle to high stores when they were boys grammars.

BikeRunSki Sat 11-Jan-14 23:23:46

Jarvis Cocker went to King Edward's.
Random Sheffield fact.

And my FiL used to play football in Endcliffe Park with Michael Palin.

MuttonCadet Sat 11-Jan-14 23:24:47

You could also look at North Sheffield, Penistone has a good grammar school, it's rural and has good train links to Sheffield.

Charleymouse Sat 11-Jan-14 23:34:31

Can I ask what is wrong with Stannington?
I don't live there but just wondered.
Second the areas of S10, S11, S6, S7 look at the TDF map, some postcodes have massively nice areas but some dumpy bits as well.
A few areas market themselves as adjacent areas so watch out for that.
Congratulations on you DH promoti

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