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Kahrs engineered bronzed oak flooring

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Lioninthesun Wed 08-Jan-14 11:35:13

Just a heads-up to anyone ordering this (we had it specially shipped in from Sweeden) all of the pictures of it on their site are not strictly true. Sadly it is only now we have started unpacking the boxes we see that there is rougly 50% about 5 shades DARKER than the lovely reddish oak we had envisaged. So we now are having a tiger floor <sobs> and I am having to plan rugs and other things to cover the worst areas. Builder had already laid half a room before the (what we thought were 'dud') boxes turned up, so no chance of returning as Kahrs say this is how it is meant to be.

Kahrs says to the builder that apparently this is clear on the web page, but it only shows similar slight colour mis-match, a natural look, not a dark plank then red.

Thought I should warn as there aren't many show rooms about (our Fenwicks only showed 2 planks together and certainly not such a massive colour difference) and this was a silly mistake that I don't want anyone else to have sad

LibraryBook Thu 09-Jan-14 09:45:11

If you go to the virtual showroom on your link, some of the pictures (especially the picture of the dining table) definitely show a very definitely variegated floor. Sorry.

It is likely to look more pronounced as you are laying it, what with the room being empty and all.

lalalonglegs Thu 09-Jan-14 11:18:35

I agree with Library that it will probably be less obvious once the floor is laid and the room furnished. I really like a variegated look - don't panic, I'm sure it will look great when it is finished and you get used to it.

Lioninthesun Thu 23-Jan-14 00:03:20

Head of sales came out and confirmed we have been sent half a batch of Noveau Brown and not bronze.

Sorry ladies, he thought the pics looked OK too but they don't do the variations justice.

New batch coming in from Sweden next week-huzzah!

Lioninthesun Thu 23-Jan-14 00:05:02

Just realised I never even posted the pics! Suffice to say, one set of planks were bronzed and one were a faintly green dark brown grin

skinnyflatwhite Thu 03-Apr-14 23:36:59

Lioninthesun - are you happy with your flooring? We're considering Oak Nouveau Snow but am a bit worried about how it will stand up and how we would repair it if it were damaged (as it would take off the colouring)

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