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Itchy feet -- need a new project....anyone else?

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Kitttty Mon 23-Dec-13 19:28:54

Despite my house being in a perfect location for all the family -- I really have itchy feet to move on. Does this ever happen to anyone else? I really need a new perfect life would be moving to different places through out the UK every year or so renovating and redeveloping interesting properties.....tied down with 4 kids at school atm - maybe a retirement plan!

lalalonglegs Mon 23-Dec-13 19:33:48

Think of the stamp duty and your feet may feel less irritable wink

MacMac123 Mon 23-Dec-13 19:44:56

You sound just like me. Annoying how school ties you down. DS In reception just around the corner. So convenient. But am desperate to move. In there summer we"ll have been here 3 years. Way too long. I am daily consoling myself that it's our fourth property in7 years but even so, I know I'll be looking again in jan.

Kitttty Mon 23-Dec-13 19:52:41

Mac jealous - I have been here 15 long years....developed this one to the max - but have also developed other properties in the UK and abroad through this time - so some level of satisfaction.
lala -- good point - would have to ensure I was adding value and in an area on the up. SD is what has kept us here so long...that an no money!!

MacMac123 Mon 23-Dec-13 19:59:24

How much equity have you got? Look up platinum property partners, a property franchise, you've got to have 300k but with them you'd do 3 properties in about 2 years. Am wondering about divvying up the equity in the family home to do that. Cos much as I'd love to, it's not feasible for us to keep moving now we've got 2 kids. DS 5 is so attached to our house, he'll be devastated when we move. Its funny how unexpected that was. Ie for me this is a project on the way to who knows where, for him, it's his home and he can't bear the thought of leaving!
So am wondering about next step of changing location, renovating family home and putting rest of equity into buy to let renovations. Check it out anyway if you love property you'll be fascinated (and no I don't work there!)

superlambanana Tue 24-Dec-13 12:18:59

You're welcome to come and do my extension for me grin

Kitttty Tue 24-Dec-13 12:31:57

Mac - would love to do that but would do it solo....confident of my own business sense. We could downsize here and use equity to run property development projects to satisfy my itch - but the moving fees/SD etc might make it a poor investment decision at this time?

Ruggles Tue 28-Jan-14 08:13:32

Mac - how much have you looked into PPP? I am intrigued too!

Itscoldouthere Tue 28-Jan-14 09:59:03

This happened to me, so a year ago we took the plunge and moved out of London and bought an old house with attached barn to do up.
Its been a very up and down journey so far, the renovation is in full swing at the moment, which is great and we are enjoying the process but boy its expensive saving an old building!
The downside has been the location and the move out of London, I thought I was ready for it but actually I really miss the pace of London, so far village life is not for me.
We are not in a lovely pretty village or the most beautiful part of the country as we had to stay close enough for DH to sometimes commute, but its very different out here!
We couldn't afford to get anything to do up where we were in London, but I wish we had just stayed put really.
Mind you we had done everything to our house and we both work in interior design so we really were itching for a project.
Our house is going to be lovely when its finished, but I wish I could pick it up and move it, I know in the long run we will not stay here so we have to be careful with our design choices and not overspend here. We would have made more money if we had just stayed in London, which is a hard reality, so I have to keep on telling myself it's not about the money!!

Ruggles Tue 28-Jan-14 10:41:51

Hi Cold - we live in an old barn too and DH commutes up to London, so I wonder where you are? Maybe not too far away? We are looking for a plot to build a new barn / collection of buildings for us to live in. Do you have DCs? When we first moved here we didn't and we met lots more people after having kids.

Itscoldouthere Tue 28-Jan-14 11:46:34

Hi Ruggles - we are in Bedfordshire we didn't know it before we moved here, we were actually trying to live in Hertfordshire, but this house (and its cheap price) sent us a bit further up the A1.
Some of my problem is my DC's are teenagers, so we have already been through the primary school bit (and made lots of friends) and that's why we feel like we have left a real community behind, which is always hard.
We too would like to build a house so in a way we are testing the ground with this project as the barns section have never been lived in before so it is like starting from scratch (although with lots of restrictions).
I think next move will either be back to London (probably not due to being priced out of the market) a good sized market town (or not far outside of one) or by the sea.
If we had the money behind us we would do up property as a living as we enjoy the whole process and feel like we are capable/experienced enough to do it, but thats a lottery winning dream (and I don't do the lottery!).

Ruggles Wed 29-Jan-14 07:34:44

Ha! I do the lottery and spend quite a lot of time dreaming of winning something or anything! Its tough to meet new folk when DCs are teenagers or older - this just happened to some friends of ours and they are missing their old home. What kind of house would you like to build?

Our (vague) plan is to downsize this summer - build our own ideal but smaller home and start investing in properties. It all depends on selling well, so I am busy de-cluttering and cleaning!

I would love to live by the sea!

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