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Are fixtures and fittings included in house sales?

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EsmereldaBelle Mon 23-Dec-13 03:18:24

Hoping to complete on my first house in the new year and starting to plan decorating...etc and wondered if it is standard procedure for the current owners to leave fixtures and fittings? Mainly thinking of curtains, blinds, carpets and light fittings?

Thanks in advance grin

WillieWagglingRoundTheXmasTree Mon 23-Dec-13 04:35:28

You should receive a completed questionnaire from the vendors detailing what they plan to leave. E.g. Our vendor took curtains but left custom-made blinds. They will almost certainly take lampshades but leave the light fittings. If there is anything you want them to leave but they have said they will take you may be able to negotiate an additional price for them I think

Wineandchoccy Mon 23-Dec-13 04:36:51

You will get a list of contents from the solicitor which will tell you what is being left. Query it if you think they should be leaving something.

Lucylouby Mon 23-Dec-13 07:53:58

We left some curtains (those that wouldn't fit the new house), left some of the pretty lights that we didn't need in the new house (replaced other light fittings with a simple electrical rose light thing) left all carpets and sold all the wardrobes as extras. You just need to ask them to see what their plans are for leaving/taking fixtures and fittings. The solicitor will give you a sheet about it before you exchange.

BrownSauceSandwich Mon 23-Dec-13 08:47:50

I think with light fittings, the idea is that they should leave it functional, but not necessarily as you viewed it, so replacing a fancy light fitting with a bare, plastic ceiling rose is par for the course. None of the rest is sacred. I would always take curtains with me, and some blinds. I've moved into one house where they stripped out all the carpets (including a stair carpet that would not have fitted anywhere else in the world), and another where they took a fire surround that was advertised in the particulars of the house (dubious), making an unholy mess of the chimney breast (definitely bad form).

brumeye Mon 23-Dec-13 08:49:06

As above, you just need to ask the vendors what they plan to leave, and before exchange they must give you a written list.

Not everyone is so reasonable - on our last purchase every curtain, light shade and light bulb was taken, and after we'd moved in they started pestering us about whether we wanted the cooker or whether they could come and collect it! We later found out they'd seriously considered ripping up all the carpets too, but had worked out they wouldn't fit in the van grin

RooneyWanderingStara Mon 23-Dec-13 08:51:22

I'm interested in this too. We're leaving a rental and I plan to take everything that isn't nailed down and then a few things that are smile But I put them there. And the next person won't appreciate them.

Buying a place that has lovely old fireplace and so on, I would expect that to remain as it's part of the fabric of the house, but they are welcome to take their curtains and even curtain rails, I have my own - I think they are leaving their shed, and we will negotiate on the climbing frame! smile

It's always a matter for negotiation ime.

specialsubject Mon 23-Dec-13 10:29:10

If you are leaving a rental, you take what belongs to you and leave what belongs to the landlord. Your inventory will list what is what if you don't know.

in a house that you are selling - it would be daft to take carpets unless you are buying an identically sized place. Curtains can be worth taking (they are very expensive) again IF they will fit the new place.

as mentioned it is all detailed on the fixtures and fittings form which the buyer should check VERY carefully. Sellers do make mistakes on these - ours did but it was all confirmed by discussion and everyone was happy.

the form does list things such as the fitted kitchen and fireplaces, so do make sure you are getting what you expect.

vj32 Mon 23-Dec-13 11:08:00

Fixtures and fittings should be included - like the kitchen, fitted wardrobes etc. What doesn't have to be included is chattels which is anything that is moveable or easy to remove with a few screws - carpets, curtains, light fittings, non fitted cupboards, white goods, a freestanding kitchen.

The legal difference only matters if you get into paying extra for certain things, but worth investigating anyway, especially if you are buying near a stamp duty threshold.

As others have said you get a list from your solicitor before exchange by room of all the things being left or taken. I wouldn't necessarily expect the vendor to stick to it unfortunately. We gained this time with the vendor leaving all her white goods when she said she would take some, but equally last time the vendor removed all the light fittings despite saying they would leave some and didn't make them safe before they left. But unless its a really valuable thing they haven't left then its not worth the solicitors fees to chase... so it largely goes on goodwill anyway.

Nothing about buying a house is straightforward or easy... which is why we hope not to move again for 20 years or so!

RooneyWanderingStara Mon 23-Dec-13 12:59:31

Thanks for all this info, guys - this thread may not be mine but it is v helpful.

I've told the agents I'll leave the curtain rails I fitted but not so sure now - I feel like taking everything I bought, because frankly it was a pit when I moved in.

I wonder if I have to leave them now I've offered to. argh.

Lottie4 Mon 23-Dec-13 16:41:09

Hopefully your solicitor has a copy of the fixtures and fittings list and should be able to give you a copy after Xmas. We've bought two properties and have specifically wanted the curtains (due to fact there were non standard windows and costs of making up curtains can be hefty), so have put our offer in to include curtains and our last house also the curtain rails as they were really nice.

EsmereldaBelle Mon 23-Dec-13 22:39:59

Thank you everyone that is very very helpful!!!

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