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For sale sign

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DENMAN03 Tue 24-Dec-13 23:07:29

Is it still there? I have one in my garden following last nights storm!

BrownSauceSandwich Tue 24-Dec-13 19:26:49

This seems to happen all the effing time. I know it's all to easy to hate estate agents, but stuff like this really does demonstrate how little they give a shit, as long as they get the sale.

EachAndEveryHighway Mon 23-Dec-13 23:10:17

Mine still hadn't collected their sign after six months of me haranguing them to do so. So I eventually took it to the tip, and to add insult to injury they nearly wouldn't take it because they said it was commercial waste!! When I explained the situation, they did kindly accept it.

SquinkiesRule Mon 23-Dec-13 17:41:26

We took down ours our self at the last house we bought, it had sold nailed across it and Dh left it at the side of the garage, no one ever picked it up.

Lucylouby Sat 21-Dec-13 23:23:58

We are still looking at a for sale board on our front garden, even though we moved in last week. The agents never even changed it to sold. I must put it on the to do list for tomorrow, to take it down. Can I just take it to the tip or does it have to be collected by someone?

bellasuewow Sat 21-Dec-13 22:09:15

We took ours down they want it to stay up as it is advertising for them.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Wed 18-Dec-13 21:57:01

Fingers crossed it stays put then OP!

Leave your DP a note to pull it out when he gets home!

Eminybob Wed 18-Dec-13 20:39:31

Yeah that does seem like the obvious thing to do! To be honest though DP is out, it's peeing it down, I'm full of cold and pregnant so it's not going to happen.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Wed 18-Dec-13 20:37:09

Take it down and out it out of the way so it won't blow and cause damage.

LittleTulip Wed 18-Dec-13 20:35:49

Just take it down?

Aquariusgirl86 Wed 18-Dec-13 20:35:26

Can't you just take it down and they collect it when they come?

LIZS Wed 18-Dec-13 20:32:40

Take it down yourselves .

Eminybob Wed 18-Dec-13 20:29:46

We have been in our new home coming up to 3 weeks and the for sale/sold sign is still up. I called estate agents today and they said they'd take it down within the next 48 hours. (He made it sound that it's pretty standard not to take it down until we call to ask hmm)
Anyway, it's blowing a gale tonight and I'm worried that the damn thing is going to blow off and end up through my or someone else's car windscreen. If that were to happen who would be liable to pay for damage? I wouldn't want to claim on my car insurance, not sure if I could claim on home insurance as the sign isn't my property, or would I be able to make the estate agency pay? Speculation I know, it hasn't even happened yet but I am a worrier and these are the things that go through my head!

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