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It's like buses - 2 came along at once. WWYD?

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LtEveDallas Fri 06-Dec-13 06:21:20

House hunting is going better. But this week has put the cat amongst the pigeons.

House 1. Newish build (5-10 years). Detached. On an estate. Large rooms, flows very well. 3 good doubles and a single. Large kitchen diner. Downstairs loo. Small walled garden. On the edge of town, DD could walk to primary and secondary (half mile or so). Great house but no character£200k.

House 2. 1930s Semi. In a village 3 miles from town. Smaller rooms but again flows well, separate dining room and a conservatory. 3 small doubles. No downstairs loo. Larger very private garden. Village has a pub and a primary school just in walking distance, there is a school bus for secondary. Lots of green fields and potential to expand for utility/loo. Bags of character and quirks. £240k

We saw house 1 first and it blew all the others out of the water - until we got to house 2. Now we just don't know what we want. DH thinks house 2 could be the 'forever' home, so is worth the extra. I agree that I can't see myself on a new build estate in my 60's, but loved the space in house 1, and the price is excellent.

We can afford house 2, but I'm not convinced its worth 40k more than house 1. Maybe 20? Or I'm possibly just a miser!

It really is a location vs house dilemma. WWYD?

LtEveDallas Sun 12-Jan-14 13:00:42

I would pay the asking price Olivia, so would be happy to start at 220 and reach asking price if necessary.

DH is a funny bugger. He has to 'win'. If the house was marketed at 250 and he got it for 230 or even 240 he'd be happy, but because it's marketed at 230 he just wont pay it. He drives me mad.

OliviaBenson Sun 12-Jan-14 11:46:39

I think start at £215k and aim to get around the £220k mark, but if the owner isn't prepared to sell it at that, you'll need to think about what it's worth to you to pay. You should get a feel for what they are looking for after your first offer. Has your DH said why £220k is "shit or bust" ? Sometimes it's not worth quibbling for if it's the house you really want.

LtEveDallas Sun 12-Jan-14 08:25:27

Hahaha! Mateysmum, it's the Aga house that I am wanting to buy now - and that isn't House 1 or 2 (but is in the same village as House 2). Just got to argue price with DH now.

mateysmum Sun 12-Jan-14 08:25:09

Ah - cross post OP.

mateysmum Sun 12-Jan-14 08:23:23

Which house us is the AGA in? go for that one.wink

LtEveDallas Sun 12-Jan-14 08:11:43

I'm resurrecting my old thread!

Well in the end, the choice between House 1 and House 2 became academic. We got an email from the catchment school of house 1 that told us there wouldn't be a place at the school for DD, no matter what. Checked the next 3 closest schools - and they were full (and over-bearing) too.

So if we don't move to the village, then we have to look somewhere else entirely.

We went back to the village this weekend. It is lovely. The school is within walking distance of the furthest away houses (although DD moaned continuously about the walk back uphill). The pub was very friendly - DH talks to anyone about anything and was happily chatting to locals. It's a great area for dog walking and is commutable, easily, to 3 major towns.

However. We saw a different house! One I mentioned upthread and unless DH drops a bombshell today, then I'll be offering on it on Monday.

I still love House 2, but the new house has the scope to put our 'stamp' on it whereas House 2 doesn't without extending. Just got to think about an offer now (and finally Eve gets to the point of the post)

House is on at 230K. I would pay that, DH wouldn't. I think it needs maybe 5K spending on it to make it 'mine'. Mostly cosmetic, but it all adds up (new front door, woodburner, skimming ceilings, opening up the fireplace, shower installing, new carpets throughout). I think it's all easily do-able.

DH says 220K shit or bust.

One of my problems with that is I know that the owner paid 221K in 2007 and I know that she had put in new kitchen (bloody fab - I have another thread!) bathroom, shower room for starters. I don't want to offer less than she paid for it - it just feels wrong.

What do people think? Am I just being a wuss because I really liked the owner (and I did - I actually wish she wasn't moving out of the village!) DH thinks I am.

hattyyellow Mon 23-Dec-13 16:11:00

I'd try and find out more about the family ratio in the house 2 area perhaps? When we've bought houses I've approached friendly looking people, ideally with one of the DC in tow so I don't look scary! And asked them about how many children are in the area. We live in a village and the kids have all really bonded on the school bus, more so perhaps than if they lived in a larger area. They all look out for each other and parents share car journeys/school runs/trips to birthday parties etc. It is do-able..

Preciousbane Mon 23-Dec-13 08:43:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WireCatGlitteryBaubles Mon 23-Dec-13 08:36:51

I'd honestly go for number 1. I've moved this year & faced similar dilemmas.
We went for the most convenient for schools and couldn't be more pleased with out choice.

TheLeftovermonster Mon 23-Dec-13 08:34:34

House 1 for me!

overthemill Sun 22-Dec-13 17:59:39

Personally, I think the taxi service duties get much worse from yr 7

LtEveDallas Sun 22-Dec-13 17:32:33

Hello Kitttty (that felt strange!). We are moving to Stourport because we have to live somewhere, and don't really have huge ties anywhere. All we really want is to be within a good distance of major travel routes (in our case the M5) be able to get to our caravan within a couple of hours, and be able to get to parents/home towns using major routes. Worcester was the starting point up as far as Shrewsbury and the Bewdley/Stourport area looked to tick all the boxes.

We don't need 4 beds, we need 3 doubles - us, DD and DSD/visitors. It just happened that house 1 had a 4th single - that I would turn into a Laundry Room in lieu of a utility room (actually quite excited about being able to do that - how sad am I? grin)

Yama/overthehill, that's my head/heart issue. Head says House 1 is better for DD and the future teen years, Heart says "but aww, House 2 is so pretty". I'm a taxi service now and she's only 8 - it's gonna get worse...

I am still veering towards House 1 for the ease of more central living, but if it turns out that the village has a good bus service then I'll be happier. It is only 3 miles from town, so not really isolated.

From what I gather there are 32 HA houses being built in the village so not many. Hopefully that will mean lots of kids for DD to play with!

We have found out that there is another house in the village that would be suitable for us, it's not as 'pretty' but it has got a great kitchen, even bigger garden and large lounge. It's 10k cheaper than House 2, so whilst we are not that interested in it, we may be able to use that as a tool to bring down House 2's price if we decide to go that way.

Yama Sun 22-Dec-13 13:30:05

I would go for house 1. We chose our house based on what we thought our children would like when they are teenagers. Big, close to town, excellent public transport nearby. It just so happened to be close to the sea which makes me happy too.

When I was a teenager my best friend spent every weekend staying over at my house. She stayed in a village a few miles from town whereas my parents' house was a 25 minute walk from the town centre.

That is us though.

LeafyGreen13 Sun 22-Dec-13 13:29:20

I think No. 1 but from your posts I can see that you really want to go for No.2, so I'd say go for No.2!!

Kitttty Sun 22-Dec-13 13:18:30

If buying a semi -- go for "halls a-joining" to reduce noise...

overthemill Sun 22-Dec-13 12:07:27

This is tricky but as someone who bought house with potential in quiet village near lovely walk etc with no bus service and no schools in walking distance I would say house no 1. I regret deeply our decision to move here. All except DH hates it. Have to drive everywhere, kids need lifts to see friends or after school clubs. Total bloody nightmare. I whinge every day and would love it if we could afford to move.

Truly, the impact on your life of having to give lifts everywhere is major. I had to reduce my hours when working cos of lack of bus service for kids, eg for revision sessions

Kitttty Sun 22-Dec-13 12:00:44

Why are you moving to this area if you don't know it, have no friends or family there? How did you select the area? Why not rent for 6 months to see how it feels....would be a good investment of money as moving is sooo expensive. There is no way that house prices are going to rocket. How big are the HA estates being you think that they will urbanise or change the character of the village?

I would go for what YOU want long term. I don't think that you would have any quality of life if you didn't have a a good enough garden - would be like living in a big flat. Sounds like you OH loves the outdoors.

Avoiding being a taxi driver for teens is a red herring - EVERYONE drops and collects their teens all the time (rota with other parents) would go for somewhere even more remote if this is what you want long term and would work out cheaper ie getting more for your money.

Why do you need 4 beds with only one child?

lazydog Sun 22-Dec-13 05:13:35

"we are in a semi now and have very inconsiderate neighbours. We hear every bloody arguement - and they have a lot. But with it being a 30s house I'd hope the walls were thicker. Nightmare if not."

Our last house in the UK was a 1930's semi. The noisy, inconsiderate, loud-mouthed neighbours were the reason I vowed to never live in an attached property again if I had any choice in the I wouldn't count on the walls being all that soundproof!

LtEveDallas Fri 20-Dec-13 12:38:46

Anuvvamuvva, If you go to you can put in your postcode and it brings up stats for that area. It wasn't great reading tbh.

If I could have house 1 with the garden of house 2 it would be my dream home and I'd never leave it!

Nemno, we have a self imposed budget of £240K but could go over if needed - but it would have to be a very good reason. We want to spend as little as possible. We are moving to a completely new area without any family or jobs etc. the less we spend the better, but £240k is do-able within our pensions.

I'm not actually sure if there are shops in walking distance from the new build. Can't remember.

With the detached aspect, it's weird but the semi actually feels more private than the detached.

We are no further forward. I have arranged to see both houses again in the NY and take DD with us this time. Meanwhile I am still surfing Rightmove in case there is anything else out there smile

H2OWoe Fri 20-Dec-13 12:21:06

Detached vs semi? Oh god, no question. Detached house every time.

nemno Thu 19-Dec-13 13:40:48

If you are seriously thinking no 2 is affordable at that price and you even have enough to extend then have you been looking at other houses with that budget? These 2 houses are not in the same budget imo. I think I'd carry on looking.

Otherwise house 1 edges it for me for the detached aspect and the ability to walk to schools, shops etc.

AnuvvaMuvva Thu 19-Dec-13 13:08:33

How did you find out about the violent/sexual assaults?

I think House 1 sounds better, personally. Except the garden. sad The way you write about House 1 sounds to me like you prefer it, but your DH prefers House 2.

Dilemma! Poor thing. Indecision is REALLY exhausting, I bet you feel drained.

cjel Mon 09-Dec-13 21:40:00

smile wouldn't ant to influence youwink

LtEveDallas Mon 09-Dec-13 21:38:28

I am so tempted to ignore these two and look for another one!

Well, not really, I've actually been looking at ways in which we could 'cope' in the village house with less space indoors etc....and I think I am slowly realising that I could cope with less space indoors more than less space outdoors. So maybe I am edging towards the second house.

cjel Mon 09-Dec-13 21:04:52

Just thought of something else as well!! Having got to this great age I realise how short schooldays actually are, My grandaughter is now at the same senior school me and her mum and dad went to, I would never buy a house because of the school closeness, within 5 years you won't need it any more and then living by it will drive you mad!!

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