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Can you put in an offer if it's already under offer?

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Rooners Sun 01-Dec-13 15:55:07

Sorry, I am a complete newb to house hunting.

I haven't got a CLUE what the protocol is so please forgive if I sound completely stupid.

But we've found a house that's under offer and we really, really like it.

Would it be unfair/wrong/unethical to make an offer ourselves?

I am sure I will realise all the answers to this stuff as we go along, but for now, I am relying on you lot and a bunch of estate agents to show me the ropes!

What should we do?

CelticPromise Thu 12-Dec-13 23:01:53

I suppose they might have already booked the viewings? I was on here going to start a moany thread about offers but I read yours so I'll join in wink.

My house went on the market last week, in an outer London area where the market is quite mad but not as bad as central!

We have had about 20 viewings and six offers so far. BUT the one we were going to go with was withdrawn the following morning (no idea why) and so we accepted the next best. Then they came to see it again and withdrew because of a particular thing they weren't sure about (which they had seen and discussed before making their offer). They didn't even ring the agents to say they were withdrawing. Three other offers were too low.

Then we had another viewing and they have made an offer which I'm inclined to accept, but I already had two more viewings booked so I'm keeping them in case this buyer wobbles too! I am not necessarily looking for the highest offer but the one in the best position as we want to sell asap.

Is it a thing now to put an offer in on anything you vaguely like to stay in the running? If people wanted a second viewing I'd rather they just booked one.

(Actually, no I wouldn't. I hate cleaning up.)

GingleBells Fri 13-Dec-13 07:46:47

Oh poor you Celtic. (it's the OP here)

Seeing it from your POV I can totally understand why they want as many people to see it as possible. I mean, that was never something I didn't get iyswim - but when I started the thread it was from the POV of someone wanting to see something already under offer, and I needed to know what the protocol was.

And now I get it I think...

We really want this place and wouldn't have offered if we weren't pretty sure. We have sought legal advice and put in two offers conditional on certain terms which we've already investigated.

We have though asked to meet the vendor because it is leasehold, and that means we will be in a contract with this person and so if we find we don't like him, or cannot see ourselves getting on with him or being on the same page then we may withdraw our offer.

I think that's only sensible. But now he is considering selling the freehold with the property, as well, which may take it out of our budget entirely.

I'm not sure why he is considering this (though I can't really understand someone wanting all that responsibility without ownership of the property to live in, iyswim, and we would be glad of the freehold share).

Maybe no one else has offered - it is quite an expensive flat, but it is in a good area and is large - but not having any share in the freehold may be putting people off. That was one of our conditions, that the lease would be extended more than it was already going to be, for our higher offer.

JonathanRolande Fri 11-Sep-15 16:30:09

Sorry for bumping this thread as I know it's a 'Zombie Thread' but it's ranking on Google on a similar topic I was searching for.

Maybe I could help others that land on here looking for help! smile

Estate agents use a lot of terms for under offer. It could be sale agreed, STC, sold subject to contract, sold, any kind of thing.

Essentially it all means the same thing, that somebody has agreed to buy the property and that the seller has agreed to sell it to them.

Normally at that stage an under offer board will go up on the property, the property will be taken out of the estate agents window and down from the website and portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, that??s not always the case but normally is.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the sale will then proceed, it could be that up to about 25 or 30 percent of sales don??t actually conclude once they??ve been agreed. So, there is every chance it could fall through.

But certainly sale agreed/under offer, that??s the initial stage of a sale going to it??s completion.

Hope that helps anyone who's still looking for relevant information.

Jonathan :-)

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