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New boiler, ratiators heat up at different rates.

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perspective Sun 10-Nov-13 15:32:04

Piglet John? Or anyone with heating knowledge. We moved recently and needed to replace the boiler. This we did with a Vaillant EcoTech.

House has a ground floor extension with 2 radiators, but these seem to take forever to heat up, this morning it was nearly an hour. Dh has fiddled with the radiator settings, turned these up to 6 and the others down to 2 which helped a bit.

Any ideas how to rectify this? Heating engineer was highly recommended and did a complete flush out of the system, new piping etc.

perspective Sun 10-Nov-13 20:15:28


struggling100 Mon 11-Nov-13 08:33:09

Try this:

Alwayscheerful Mon 11-Nov-13 08:38:15

Sounds as thought the system needs balancing I think it means switching all the radiators off and then bleeding them and turning them back on one at a time starting with the one furthest away from the boiler? Pj will ride to your rescue soon.

sleeplessbunny Mon 11-Nov-13 08:53:47

Are they the ones furthest from the boiler on the heating circuit? Our radiators upstairs do take slightly longer to heat for that reason, but nowhere near an hour. Was it the same with the previous boiler or is this a new problem?

When we had new radiators fitted one was hardly outputting any heat at all, I called the plumber back who found that he had forgotten to adjust the second valve on that radiator. I don't know the proper term but it was the on the other end of the radiator from the normal valve we usually twiddle IYSWIM. It may be related to the balancing thing always was talking about. (Can you tell I am no expert?)

Last thought, our (very old) house had 2 radiators that had been plumbed in using a different type of heating circuit from normal, again not sure of the terms but it amounted to a single circuit with each radiator tapping off that circuit rather than each radiator having its own flow and return. It meant that these radiators were relying on convection from the main circuit to heat up, and taking ages to do so (with the proper circuit the hot water is forced through them). We had it changed and now it's much better. I think that is a very old way of doing things though, so probably unlikely to be the cause unless your heating is more than 30 years old.

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 11-Nov-13 11:40:23

Agree with the others- it sounds like your radiators need balancing. We googled it then had a go at ours; it helped enormously.

perspective Mon 11-Nov-13 17:20:54

Thanks everyone. I called heating engineer this morning, he thought maybe pump needed notching up. I'm home now, will google balancing. Do you think its something we could do ourselves? Don't want to damage the boiler.

PigletJohn Mon 11-Nov-13 20:11:39

try this

As you haven't got thermostats, the inlet pipe should be "too hot to hold" and the outlet pipe should be "too hot to hold for long"

The lockshield valve really does have to be almost closed. Close them completely, then open them each half a turn, them wait half an hour and feel the pipes before adjusting them again. Do not turn them more than a quarter of a turn after each half hour wait.

The ones that heat up fastest need to be less open than the ones that heat up slow.

perspective Mon 11-Nov-13 21:22:35

Thanks everyone. Collective powers of mumsnet are awesome! And PigletJohn, you are becoming a legend!

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