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How would you re-configure this bathroom?

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MILdesperandum Sun 03-Nov-13 16:50:07

Floorplan on my photos - click my ID to see.

I would really appreciate some creative advice! We are moving to a house soon which has a separate bathroom and loo. We were thinking of knocking the two together... This leaves us with a fairly large but narrow room. The room is only 1.65m wide and so if the bath is kept in the current orientation it will have to be a short bath (1600mm) - I'd like a bigger one really! and also a decent sized separate shower. Obviously we could choose which door of the two stays and possibly brick up a window... We think the hot water tank in the bottom left corner is obsolete so that could come out.

Any ideas would be great including if anyone knows which pieces are easier (and cheaper) to move!

MILdesperandum Sun 03-Nov-13 18:49:35

thanks all I want glad to know it works at least - do you remember how much it cost <cheeky>

AllIWant85 Sun 03-Nov-13 20:38:25

About £2000 all in - bath, sink, toilet, shower, shower tray, shower enclosure, taps, tiles (floor to ceiling), plastering, spotlights, fittings, cabinet, towel radiator, flooring etc etc

MILdesperandum Sun 03-Nov-13 20:48:17

Thanks - that doesn't sound to bad, drop in the ocean compared with the expense of moving house and renovating. Did you have a gap between the shower and bath or some kind of partition?

BillyBanter Sun 03-Nov-13 20:53:52

I haven't read any other posts but at first glance I'd say block up the door by the water tank and swing the bath round to go along that wall. Have a shower in the bath.

MILdesperandum Sun 03-Nov-13 21:15:50

I suppose that is an option too billy, I did really want a separate shower but I suppose it might make the room look a bit more cramped...

Liara Mon 04-Nov-13 19:00:36

blush yes, I read it as 2.2.

Then I would turn the toilet 90 degrees, put the sink next to it and the shower where the water tank is.

Would be fine imo.

If you wanted to keep a separate toilet you could have a small partition between the bath area and the toilet area too, with the access through the bath area (effectively a screen wall between the toilet and the bath)

CMOTDibbler Mon 04-Nov-13 20:41:23

What made a huge difference to the feeling of room in our bathroom was an offset corner bath. This way we have a huge bath, but it fits in much better, and instead of the claustrophobic shower cubicle which was at the end of the bath before is now a corner one with curved doors. Strange, but when we did the bathroom we started with what felt tiny, and then put a bigger bath, bigger shower in and it feels more spacious!

Talkinpeace Mon 04-Nov-13 20:56:57

Another vote for a big corner bath - where the basin currently is by the window - as then a shower into the bath will feel huge
basin where the tank is
toilet where it is but wall mounted into a nice run of storage cabinets

en suites are a pita unless you have enough of them
we went for two family bathrooms rather than an en suite

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