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One-day move or two-day move?

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StuntedFrankenNun Wed 30-Oct-13 07:17:23

We are in the sloooow process of completing our house sale and hope to be able to book our removal company this week. Due to having young children, one of whom has special needs and another is a baby, we are going to have a full packing service.. We have narrowed it down to two companies however one want to do the move in one day and the other wants to pack one day and move the next. The one-day move is correspondingly cheaper but I'm not convinced it's possible to pack a three-bedroom house and move all in one day. We are moving within the street so only 200 yards. I just look at our stacks of books and CDs and kids' toys and wonder whether a one-day move would be feasible. Has anyone using a packing service had it all done in the one day?

StuntedFrankenNun Thu 31-Oct-13 07:38:41

We're the only ones moving: the house we're moving into is empty and our purchasers are first-time buyers but I think they want to do some work in the house (new kitchen etc.) before they move in.

StuntNun Sun 03-Nov-13 15:39:36

Well we're moving on Thursday with a one-day moving service. Fingers crossed it will go smoothly.

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