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Please could you help with our house!

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oopnorthmum Sun 27-Oct-13 21:50:46

Hi all, been for sale since June now and only had 3 viewings! Changed estate agents once and feeling very disheartened now. Please could you take a look and offer any advice.
Thanks smile
(sorry, don't know how to do clicky link)

OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 27-Oct-13 21:52:39
Hopefully this should work ! :-)

OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 27-Oct-13 21:56:28

It looks lovely ? Can't understand why it's not been snapped up ?! Is there an unfinished development nearby ?! Or busy roadway or something !?! I can't see anything that could put people off ?!

solveproblem Sun 27-Oct-13 21:57:19

I love it! Can't see anything wrong with it but don't know if the price is right for your area?

oopnorthmum Sun 27-Oct-13 21:59:35

thanks oneplan!
No, we are in a cul de sac of 19 similar houses, lovely neighbours. We have been here over 8 years. Small development off a busier road, but not motorway or anything. Quiet area, close to shops not far from town etc. No other new developments near. Not overlooked at the back.
Struggling ourselves now.

clary Sun 27-Oct-13 22:01:26

It looks lovely!
The only thing I could think to say was that the main kitchen/diner/family room should look spectacular (I'm sure it is) but somehow doesn't come across like that in the first few photos.

The house we moved to a year ago has a similar huge room across the back of the house and it looked more appealing. Is yours a bit too minimalist? There seems to be a lot of floor space with not much going on IYSWIM.

The bedrooms look lovely and spacious, especially like the yellow one. I personally would show the fourth one as a bedroom but that's cos I've got three children!!

It seems cheap for that much space but I don't know how prices aere in your area. Is it actually priced too high for its peers? £270k is a crucial £20k over the higher stamp duty limit - people may be looking instead at properties a bit cheaper with a view to offering £249?k

oopnorthmum Sun 27-Oct-13 22:01:27

thanks solve. We are higher than some others on the development, but also bigger than hem and not overlooked. Also have a double garage which others don't have. So would assume that it is ok. Valued at £280 be 3 EA's confused

choirmum Sun 27-Oct-13 22:01:35

Looks great so it must be the price. I see a house in the same street sold for £25,000 less in May but don't know how it compared to yours.

HerRoyalNotness Sun 27-Oct-13 22:03:05

Is it priced right for the area? That's all I can think of. How long hVr you been with new agent? Is anything selling in the area?

Mintyy Sun 27-Oct-13 22:03:33

When did the last house in the cul de sac sell, and how much for?

Your house looks great, but the EA's photos are dreadful.

RandomMess Sun 27-Oct-13 22:03:39

I can only think price as it's over £250k which means £7k to pay out in stamp duty straight away.

What are the local schools like?

Being originally from that area there are other places I'd rather live even if I got less for my money?

oopnorthmum Sun 27-Oct-13 22:05:08

Thanks Clary. Bedroom 4 is DH's office and works from home each day, so wouldn't be able to change it. Although it is a double bedroom. Have pointed out built in wardrobe to our viewers. We probably are higher than a lot f houses, but also quite a bit larger than them. We added the OIRO hoping people would realise that we are open to offers. Expected some low ones, but nothing at all!

MisForMumNotMaid Sun 27-Oct-13 22:07:58

Its a funny thing that £250k stamp duty threshold.

Can I ask the other houses that have sold in Chivers court recently (no's 6 and 13) are they significantly different (smaller) than yours? Its just right move flashes up that they sold around £245k earlier this year. That 250k can be a big mental block for people.

The photos look good. Lovely size rooms and all very clean good decorative order. If I was ultra picky I'd say do a new main photo minus the cars on the drive and add a little artwork/ colour to the walls in the main living area to make them more homely (very subjective personal taste though).

RandomMess Sun 27-Oct-13 22:08:32

Hmm looking at what else is on the market very locally I think it's the price. Put it on at £250k and I think you'd get moe viewings.

InTheRedCorner Sun 27-Oct-13 22:09:34

Your house is lovely, I agree the pictures don't feel like they do it justice and that the price being over £249,000 could be where you are going wrong.

MrsOakenshield Sun 27-Oct-13 22:09:39

well, in terms of presentation it looks a bit soulless, I didn't see anything on the wall bar tvs - pictures and books?

No idea about the price but a lot of the ground floor footprint is taken up by the garage, is that very important round your way, or do people tend to keep their cars on the drive and have more living space?

MmeLindor Sun 27-Oct-13 22:10:20

I agree with Clary, the big expanse of floor in dining room is a bit off-putting.

Perhaps get a couple of carpets from Ikea, and I'd put a big splashy print on the wall between patio door and window.

In kitchen, borrow, beg or steal a Kitchenaid or Kenwood, and put out some fruit in a bowl. Pic on the wall.

In the lounge, move the furniture closer, so it looks cosier, and put a coffee table in front of couch if you can borrow one.

And better photos. Take them yourself if necessary.

Otherwise, it can only be the price, cause the house is really lovely. The above is really being picky.

Shakey1500 Sun 27-Oct-13 22:12:14

I'd say perhaps the downstairs lacks a little colour? It's spectacular for sure but maybe a little "clinical" (can't think of a better word!)

oopnorthmum Sun 27-Oct-13 22:12:49

same house choirmum but no large extension and new kitchen across the back. Also we have a double garage. DS in popular preschool for this area and no problem for primary. To be fair probably none of the secondary schools are particularly wonderful just here.
We thought about offering to pay stamp duty, not sure if now would be a good time for that or wait until January when market might pick up again. Anyone tried open house? Good feedback from viewers, 1st one wanted between ours or another. Went for other one in very large new housing estate a coupe of miles away. Cheaper houses and huge choice as largest housing estate in europe, although lots of people i know wouldn't choose to live there. 2nd viewers not even up for sale and live on same estate. 3rd viewers love it and thought it was overpriced before they viewed and wanted to offer. The feedback was that they thought it wasn't overpriced after viewing but there limit is £250k. Did say to come back to us if they get an offer on theres though.

marriedinwhiteisback Sun 27-Oct-13 22:13:32

It looks lovely. But is it a high price compared to what is expected for the area and what can people get for that price in the same area. I live in London and can't believe how much you can get for your money elsewhere. Round here your house would have an extra 0 added to the asking price,

Mandy21 Sun 27-Oct-13 22:14:04

The last 2 houses listed on rightmove sold went for £245k, so not only are you £25k higher, your potential buyers need to have £8100 available upfront for stamp duty, compared to £2450 for a property selling at £245k. You're therefore asking £30k + more.

Your house may well be worth it, I don't know the area but you can see perhaps that anyone doing 5 mins of research might think you're overpriced. If you're not, I think the sales particulars need to reinforce why your house is worth more e, g. 'Biggest plot on cul-de-sac' or 'renovated to an extremely high specification' etc...

RandomMess Sun 27-Oct-13 22:15:18

In a 3 mile radius yours is one of the most expensive 4 beds going, other one is a period property and loads of the properties around the area are modern build, far fewer period properties.

I think if your local market has stagnated there is just too much on the market for lower and people don't think it's worth £60k more for slighty bigger bedrooms and and extra garage.

Have you asked the EA what they think, what do you think your local market is like at the moment.

I am seriously homesick now!!!! Want to move back live in a lovely house and be mortgage free with great schools too sad

redcaryellowcar Sun 27-Oct-13 22:16:12

Think your house is lovely, i am a bit jealous of how tidy it is, maybe too tidy, is it possible to pop up some not too personal art work on the walls as possibly a bit starck, was also going to ask about price, i know nothing about the area you are in, but if a house isnt sellung it often is to do with price. Are you in a rush to sell, if soninwoukd drop price, maybe to 260, with a view to accepting 250, so under threshold for 3% stamp duty, if not rushing, i would be tempted to take it off the marketvand pop it gack on in the spring, think properties can stagnate a bit if they are on too long.

RandomMess Sun 27-Oct-13 22:17:36

Ingleby is now officially the largest housing estate in the World shock so lots of competition for modern housing.

I should think the secondary schools would make a big difference too, with a large 4 bed house you're likely to have older dc?

SolidGold Sun 27-Oct-13 22:19:20

The house looks fine, so would also suggest it's the price that's the problem? How does it compare to similar houses in the area? You are £20K over the stamp duty increase, so that could be part of the problem?

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