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How long from offer to moving date?

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cheryl19843 Wed 23-Oct-13 21:13:10

Sold our house end of aug and now 9 weeks on and still no moving date. Just wondering how long it took other people to move? This is our first house so have never moved before. First time buyer buying ours and no upward.chain for house were buying.

wimblehorse Wed 23-Oct-13 21:21:16

Gawd knows. Chain of 3 in place since July & still no confirmed move date here confused

ninjanurse Wed 23-Oct-13 21:22:36

We offered beginning of june and moved last week in august, that was with about 3 weeks of delays due to paperwork errors and a chain of 4.

wimblehorse Wed 23-Oct-13 21:23:35

Gawd knows. Chain of 3 in place since July & still no confirmed move date here confused

scurryfunge Wed 23-Oct-13 21:24:00

12 weeks in a chain of 4 for us.

Iheartcustardcreams Wed 23-Oct-13 21:28:40

Chain of three and ours took 12 weeks but that did include christmas, when everything seemed to stop for 2 weeks.!

cheryl19843 Wed 23-Oct-13 21:29:30

Ah well that's promising to know we're not in an unusual situation 9 weeks down and no date.

BackforGood Wed 23-Oct-13 21:35:22

Both my moves, funnily enough, offer accepted in February, moved in July

Nellymay Wed 23-Oct-13 21:35:49

8 weeks! But we had a cash buyer. You need to get onto your solicitor and make them do their job otherwise they don't bother pushing things along. The people we bought from gave out a date that was best for them to move and asked everyone, including solicitors if they could work towards completing by then - and we all did, although it was a bit hairy at times. Good luck

cheryl19843 Wed 23-Oct-13 21:47:54

I couldn't be harassing my solicitor any more if I tried. Emails and phone calls nearly every other day. He only replies when he has an update tho which seems to only be every other week!

MotherOfSoupDragon Wed 23-Oct-13 21:58:19

Might be worth asking your estate agent to give the solicitors a call too.

FuckyNellItsHalloween Wed 23-Oct-13 22:03:34

All mine have taken around 5-6 months

Spickle Wed 23-Oct-13 22:14:46

How long is a piece of string?

Got an offer Oct 2012, expected to complete by Xmas 2012 (three in chain), then a problem reared its head - a piece of unregistered land which had been incorporated into a garden meant a delay of three months and the FTB pulling out. Finally completed April 2013.

I work for a conveyancing solicitor - normally they say 8-12 weeks, but problems with any part of the chain will delay things, and FTBs are notorious for pulling out when things are not happening quickly enough!


OhOneOhTwoOhThree Wed 23-Oct-13 22:21:36

We had our offer accepted in October and moved in mid-Jan.

didireallysaythat Wed 23-Oct-13 22:47:34

Offered in Jan, moved August. Chain of two, us in rented. Around here there's so little coming onto the market you have to be patient...

Jan49 Thu 24-Oct-13 00:33:27

I sold my house last year. It was 10 weeks from offer accepted to completion date. Someone in the chain delayed it by 2 weeks because they had the deposit money in premium bonds and we had to wait whilst they got them cashed in. Chain of 3.

CanucksoontobeinLondon Thu 24-Oct-13 04:09:26

God almighty! We're moving to the UK soon, intend to buy a house, and the info on this thread scares the hell out of me. Oh well, better to know than not know.

Good luck, OP!

whyno Thu 24-Oct-13 04:34:54

4 months plus in my experience

Jaynebxl Thu 24-Oct-13 05:49:48

Almost 7 months but our sellers took ages to find a house and lost two in the process. Has your solicitor told you what the delay is? I would e calling the EA regularly too so they can put pressure on the rest of the chain.

Jaynebxl Thu 24-Oct-13 05:51:14

Ask the solicitor to tell you exactly what point things are at. And pop in to the EA in person.

rumbelina Thu 24-Oct-13 06:03:31

We were just selling and no chain either side. Took 7 months due to problems with mortgage company.

AShowerOfBastards Thu 24-Oct-13 06:30:28

We offered in July, moving date in November. We're all chain free as well, its been a pain in the backside.

missnevermind Thu 24-Oct-13 06:46:16

Our details are almost the same as Cheryl's. we accepted an offer mid August, first time buyer (older man with children in twenties) we had a house ready to move into so no chain.

It just seems to be dragging on, but when I ask everything is on schedule and where it is expected to be. We have had a small delay as the buyer changed solicitor but that is all.

We moved out at the beginning of September to the new house so that the children started school in September from here rather than have disruption during term time later but I never imagined it would take this long. And still not even An estimated date yet.

Notyetthere Thu 24-Oct-13 07:40:11

We had our offer accepted 28th march and completed on 7th June

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