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Please critique my house

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nosupermum Wed 16-Oct-13 10:46:14

Our property has been on the market 1 week and we have had 1 viewing. They were people that had just sold with the same agent so were told as soon as we had approved the details. They said they liked it but the garden was a bit too small and they weren't keen on the 3rd bedroom being on a separate storey from the main 2 and the little nursery/study room.

I think it is on for a reasonable price. The market is fairly slow here- smaller houses are moving fairly quickly but all the bigger things that we have been looking at are quite stagnant. I suppose we are a bit in between the 2.

Is there anything drastically obvious you can see? It is going to kill me keeping this place quickly presentable with 3 DC under 6 years old if we need to do this for monthshmm

I will chat to the agent at the end of the week for feedback but have just braced myself to post here meantime...

cleofatra Sat 26-Oct-13 04:24:59

And Yes, Im in the zone as I'm house hunting at present.

AgathaF Sat 26-Oct-13 07:36:05

Wow. The furniture rearrangement looks so much better. The living room looks lovely and bright and spacious.

Could the top bedroom have a couple of pictures or a mirror on the wall just to soften it a little?

The agent really needs to get rid of the extra outside photos. Photo number 14 of the front is nice and no more required of that view. Photo number 6 of the back garden is the one I like the best, although I wonder if one looking to the other side of the garden might be better, depending on the view. I like that one because it is taken from a lower angle and shows less of the big buildings in the background. I agree that the one looking towards your house from the back doesn't really help as it shows too much of the neighbouring houses.

Yama Sat 26-Oct-13 12:28:09

Much better op. And you managed to get a shot of the garden with nice blue sky in the backround. What a difference. Well done.

SandyChick Sat 26-Oct-13 17:37:04

Looks great. I don't think the lack of pictures/personal touch would make much of a difference really. Not to me anyway if I was viewing. You're not buying the other persons 'stuff'.

It's a lovely spacious family home that has a lot of potential. It's a blank canvas really.

Good luck grin

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