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Please critique my house

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nosupermum Wed 16-Oct-13 10:46:14

Our property has been on the market 1 week and we have had 1 viewing. They were people that had just sold with the same agent so were told as soon as we had approved the details. They said they liked it but the garden was a bit too small and they weren't keen on the 3rd bedroom being on a separate storey from the main 2 and the little nursery/study room.

I think it is on for a reasonable price. The market is fairly slow here- smaller houses are moving fairly quickly but all the bigger things that we have been looking at are quite stagnant. I suppose we are a bit in between the 2.

Is there anything drastically obvious you can see? It is going to kill me keeping this place quickly presentable with 3 DC under 6 years old if we need to do this for monthshmm

I will chat to the agent at the end of the week for feedback but have just braced myself to post here meantime...

littlecrystal Thu 17-Oct-13 10:22:17

If I have GOT to pick up something, that would be the bare garden with not overly pretty view of that building on the right. Could you at least a garden picture without that building OR screen it with bamboo plants in ponts so it does not show on Rightmove pictures.

QOD Thu 17-Oct-13 10:43:59

I thought I was going to be so clever suggesting swap dining room and lounge ....

MortifiedAdams Thu 17-Oct-13 12:02:31

If you dont fancy swapping the rooms, take the cream sofa and put it in the bay of the dining room, and move the Poang armchair into that alcove - might make it feel a little bigger.

Deux Thu 17-Oct-13 12:58:35

Also, if you are not going to swap over the rooms, could you put in some kind of faux mantle/fireplace on the blank wall? I think it needs something there if it's a sitting room.

Looks lovely and would have thought it very appealing to buyers.

SandyChick Thu 17-Oct-13 13:18:31

I agree about the sitting room. Maybr take away chair and just leave 2 sofas. Maybe pick out the purple colour from sofa and add a few cushions and a throw? Do you have anything you could use as a tv stand that is smaller? Or could you swap the sofa and tv to opposite sides of chimney breast so sitting room looks into dining room?

Continue the purple accessories into dining area and kitchen too.

Maybe add a bathroom blind and a few accessories too.

What about some garden furniture too.

Overall tho I think its a lovely family home. Bathroom and kitchen are lovely. You could move in and not need to do a thing.


Periwinkle007 Thu 17-Oct-13 14:50:14

I agree - try to lose the chair from the lounge, move the cream sofa out of the alcove. I think you need some pictures or something up too, it looks a bit too newly decorated if that makes sense. not quite showing how cosy it could be. Could you put something in the lounge to make a focal point that isn't the tv? it is hard when there isn't a fireplace but I think it might help. even if it is just a picture.

homeseeker123 Thu 17-Oct-13 15:56:05

Hello Nosupermum,
swapping the dining and living area furniture around will make a big difference. You create a great social space around the fireplace in the bay windowed room and the narrower space will beautifully wrap around your nice dining table.
I would ask the agent to make a description that is enticing for a young family. The attic room could be a playroom rather than the master bedroom so that parents and children can be at the same level. I see that you have two schools nearby and the agent is not highlighting that. I wish you all the best.

nosupermum Thu 17-Oct-13 16:22:17

Right, have woken up from night shift and rearranged furniture so the rooms swap ends. When DP comes in tonight and I go on nightshift again he can entertain himself moving the TV and guff that goes with it either that or he will need to sit at the dining table to watch it tonight

I spoke to the agents today and they will do some more photos when we are rearranged to our satisfaction.

Walls on this house are impossible to drill into to hang pictures hence there isn't many up and we took down the few big ones with kids in. Will see if we can throw a few tasteful things round and a few more cushions. Will also try and redress attic as more master bedroom for the photos.

Will update photos at some point for review grin

Yama Thu 17-Oct-13 16:35:13

Well done NoSuperMum.

Jan49 Thu 17-Oct-13 18:42:53

I would add some colourful towels to the bathroom as it's a bit colourless.

I'm amazed you live there with 3 dc. It looks like a furnished rented house where the tenants have moved out.


MissBetseyTrotwood Thu 17-Oct-13 20:32:29

You are a supermum change your NN!

You have to post the new pics tho. grin

SadPander Thu 17-Oct-13 20:52:20

I think its very nice. In the lounge I think the sofa looks a little like you've cramped it in against the wall and that maybe the room is small. Might look better pulled away from the wall a little. Maybe a few little homely touches as it almost looks a little unlived in (very tidy!). Really nothing that would put me off a house though, just needs to give it a little more time hopefully.

ShoeWhore Thu 17-Oct-13 20:53:59

Good move to swap living and dining spaces - will make much more of that lovely fireplace.

It's a great house OP and a week isn't that long - good luck with it all!

Jellypudmum Thu 17-Oct-13 21:01:10

Great house. Even more exciting cos you're only 4 miles away from me!! First time I've seen a Chessy mnetter!!

nosupermum Fri 25-Oct-13 23:16:02

If you click on the link again there is some new lounge photos on. Just noticed though that they forgot to remove on of the old ones.

MrsCakesPremonition Fri 25-Oct-13 23:42:44

Rearranging the furniture has made such a difference - it all looks so spacious and seems to make more sense. I like the sunny outside pictures too.
Good luck - hope you get lots of viewings and a buyer very soon.

BrianTheMole Fri 25-Oct-13 23:47:28

Its a nice house and a good price (to me). You'd never get anything like that where I live for that price.

TheFuckersonInquiry Fri 25-Oct-13 23:50:34

I think it looks great now. I don't think there is anything that would put anyone off.

Good luck.

ZombieMonkeyButler Fri 25-Oct-13 23:56:51

It's a nice house but, and I am aware this is probably just me, it looks like nobody lives there. Where is your stuff?

TortillasAndChocolate Fri 25-Oct-13 23:58:15

Oh I've just totally confused myself. Read the first half of the thread then looked at the pictures. I thought you were all being ridiculous because the furniture looks fine in the lounge, and thought it was weird you were all in agreement. Then finally read the rest of the thread and realised I was looking at updated photos!

The house looks lovely, and perfect for people to view as not too much 'stuff' around so it's easy to visualise your own furniture there etc.

Good luck

LoopaDaLoopa Sat 26-Oct-13 03:45:40

Looks a hundred times better now. Good luck!

Jollyb Sat 26-Oct-13 04:10:11

I think you should get rid of the photo of the back of the house, hanging basket and front door. The back of house one makes it look like you are really overlooked by your neighbours . Agree that you should do something to 'soften' the garden. A couple of pots or table and chairs on the patio maybe?

Jollyb Sat 26-Oct-13 04:12:09

Argh missed the last few posts and see that the swap has been done! Was a bit confused about the furniture issue

HerRoyalNotness Sat 26-Oct-13 04:22:21

The furniture swap looks great!

cleofatra Sat 26-Oct-13 04:23:56

I think the decluttering is the right thing to do. People want to think of their own stuff in a house. Its a nice house inside. It really isnt about the decor, its clean and lovely.
Things that would put me off:
* dont like the look from the outside (it took a while for me to realise it was detached and not a terraced)
*garden looks very overlooked
* the bingo building (or as on first look "what is THAT"?
* I cant see any storage (big one for me)
* wardrobe capacity in main bedroom lood tiny!

I dont know if you can work anything around any of these?

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