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Property inspections

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HHH3 Thu 10-Oct-13 14:04:25

Just after a bit of information before I reply to the letting agent...

I've just had an email with a date and time that they want to come and inspect the property. The last inspection was 3 months ago. The letter says that I need to be there as they need my signature (although I wouldn't agree for them to come without me here anyway). I was about to ring them to say that I don't want them to come as the last inspection was only 3 months ago and they haven't done anything about the things I've brought up over and over at every inspection.

But then I re-read the email and it says...

'As you know we have a contractual obligation with your Landlord to visit the property on a regular basis, to check the condition of the property.'

So, on that basis can I refuse? I don't mind every now and then but every 3 months feels too frequent. It's a pita and I actually don't like strangers coming into my home. I'm not trashing the place - I live here with my children so I make sure it's clean and in good repair.


HaveToWearHeels Thu 10-Oct-13 14:17:12

Sounds like THEY have have a obligation with the landlord , not you. Which probably means the Landlord has asked for the property to be checked on every three months. As a landlord I agree that every 3 months is too often.
We check after three months as a sort of check/customer service call, in case there is anything the tenant wants to discuss, if everything is OK then it will be another 6 months.

HHH3 Thu 10-Oct-13 14:49:42


I used to deal directly with the landlord and every 3 months is something that's only happened since she started using the agents. They've also tried on more than 1 occasion to change the lease agreement but when I've refused and insisted they check with the landlord she's always agreed with me. I think every 3 months is just something they do rather than what a landlord requests.

CarlaBrooni Fri 11-Oct-13 02:18:24

That's ridiculous and they're only doing it so they can make more money from the landlord as there'll be a charge each time they "inspect"

HHH3 Fri 11-Oct-13 07:51:06

Ah! That makes sense.

Does anyone know what I can say to them when I ring them please?

aliciagardner Fri 11-Oct-13 07:59:01

(Recent ex-) landlord here. Not nessecarily a fee charged by the agents to the landlord for inspection - often it is included in the agents fees already so the agents are just doing their job rather than looking to make additional money.

OP, if I were you I'd call/email the agents, explain that your previous inspections were usually yearly/ 6-monthly/ whatever and the landlord was okay with this in the past. Request that they contact the landlord and ask if he/ she would be happy to return to that frequency of inspections.

specialsubject Fri 11-Oct-13 12:02:18

what does your lease say?

the inspection is to make sure the property is ok, unless you are filling it with steam or running a cannabis farm it isn't about you. Tenants don't always notice leaks/floods (been there) so it is to protect the property. Tenants also don't always report problems.

if you've been there a while and the landlord knows you are looking after the place, he/she would probably be happy to reduce the frequency of inspections. Your contract is with the LANDLORD, remember.

frostyfingers Mon 14-Oct-13 16:19:38

We had them every 3 months - complete waste of time. We reported various structural problems to agent which didn't directly affect us, but thought the landlord might like to know and they've done nothing about it - paint flaking from external walls, light fitting which goes pop every time you put a bulb in, leaking window.....the list is endless.

If it's in your contract, which it was in ours then unless you can negotiate with the landlord to extend the time between inspections there isn't much you can do about it.

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