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Estate agents are really testing my patience and making me want to inflict injury upon them in manner of a Halloween movie villain.

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MsWilliamTheBloody Wed 09-Oct-13 23:33:40

They're just twats.

Made offer on house, accepted, found solicitor, paid for search fees, assumed it was all pootling along naicely.

Got a shitty email from the estage agent telling me to pay for my search fees by bank transfer immediatly because I was holding up the sellers who want to complete by mid-November.

This was after a few weeks of wankery on their part so my hackles were already risen.

Explained that I'd paid for the search fees 3 weeks ago and didn't appreciate being ordered to pay bills I'd already paid.

Got a nauseating sales patter back about how they only want to help me and want to keep the move pressure free and blah blah blah. Proper pukey salesmanny stuff.

I got over it and moved on.

Today I get another phonecall from the estate agent.
"Have you paid for your searches yet?"

What searches? The ones we had a conversation about on Thursday and I said I'd paid?

"Oh, yes. I can see that you paid them on the 13th."


Why fecking ask again if a) it's written in front of you, b) I confirmed via email, c) I confirmed via the phone and d) the solicitor also emailed and confirmed it?

Surely it's a bit rude to keep asking someone if they've paid a bill? Especially when you'd know if you just fecking looked??


This isn't the only thing. They're a completely dissorganised jumble and really don't seem to know what they're doing and I'm getting really fed up.

I'm under no illusions about customer service. Am aware I'm just a tool for them to get commision but still...


MsWilliamTheBloody Wed 09-Oct-13 23:44:59

Ah, yes and today on the phone I got the whole;

"Your mortgage valuation was today and went well.."

"Really?" I say. "It's booked for tomorrow!"

"Oh, that's right." She says. "It's tomorrow..!"


crochetkate Thu 10-Oct-13 07:24:52

dont know who yours are, but that is why, even if they acquire a monopoly, I will never ever use Cubitt and West!

sleeplessbunny Thu 10-Oct-13 07:29:22

yyy, i reserve a special hatred for estate agents. You have to remember they are working for the vendors and have no interest at all in being nice to you. They just want their money asap.
A lot of them also seem to be a bit thick IME. In the past I have got so pissed off with them I just end up saying "please speak to my solicitor".

Captainbarnacles1101 Thu 10-Oct-13 07:41:04

I'm in the same position. Searches done and our valuation done mortgage offer thru etc. estate agents keep giving me snotty phone calls asking for updates.
It's in the hands of the solicitors!
I really hate estate agents I always feel they are lying.

MsWilliamTheBloody Thu 10-Oct-13 07:41:52

I do understand they're working for the vendor and not a single feck is given about my personal welfare.

However, I've already threatened to pull out once due to their continuous twattery (which spurred them to send me a very apologetic email).

Surely part of working for the vendor is not acting like such knobber that the seller pulls out because they've soured the whole process??

They almost seem to want me to pull out.
Maybe they are trying to put us off??

Is very strange.

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