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Bit gutted about the sheen on my new F&B Modern Emulsion

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sleepcrisis Wed 09-Oct-13 19:40:53

Should I paint over it with one coat of Estate Emulsion?

The rest of the house is painted in Dulux Diamond Matt which is really flat matt in comparison. I was put off the estate emulsion because it isn't wipable. I thought modern emulsion would be just like normal matt paint but to me it looks more like satin/kitchen/bathroom paint.

I have just forked out to have our lounge painted in F&B Proper Down Pipe - talk me out of spending even more!

Mandy21 Thu 10-Oct-13 08:38:23

It depends how you live and how careful you are. We have estate emulsion in DDs room (Middleton Pink) and it has scuffed and marked very easily. I wouldn't have it (personally) in a living space with my family (3 children who try not to put their grubby hands on the wall etc but fail miserably) as it would need touching up continuously.

amazonianwoman Thu 10-Oct-13 09:54:04

I'd go to Johnstone's/Leyland and get it copied then do one coat. I used modern emulsion for our hall, stairs and landing and don't like the sheen at all.

I've used Johnstone copies before and their paint is much more matt and hard wearing. The colour matches are good too.

spotty26 Thu 10-Oct-13 17:46:54

I am not keen on Modern Emulsion either it is like vinyl silk paint and also went for Diamond Matt Dulux rather than have kids wreck the Estate emulsion. Have had a few decorating disasters recently so I know how you must be feeling. If the budget can withstand it fix it now. We have one room that has gone a bit wrong but we cannot afford to fix it just yet. Booooo hoo.

sleepcrisis Thu 10-Oct-13 18:24:33

Unfortunately (not Uk) we don't have leyland or johnstones here. It's either dulux or f&b. we used a dulux colour match copy of cheap matt as an undercoat and the colour is just no where near as nice. So it's either estate or modern. We'd decided to stick with it and if I get so wound up by it I will cover it with estate in a few months. It's a smallish room and could do it quite easily. DS is only 2 and while he has yet to mark any walls, I don't hold out much hope for the estate emulsion. Feeling a bit sorry for myself not helped by the decorators disdain for the sheen. But keep telling myself it's a very small problem to have. DH thinks I'm nuts.

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