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Egham/Englefield Green

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thesaurusgirl Sun 06-Oct-13 12:40:08

My parents are finally preparing to downsize.

They would ideally live near me and my siblings in SW London, but can't afford to do so, because they "cannot imagine" living in a flat or having fewer than three bedrooms hmm.

They have old friends in Surrey, Windsor and Oxfordshire, and Egham seems like a good midway point.

What do people living nearby think of it? What is there for two oldies in good health to do? My father plays golf so he'll be happy, my mother is a townie so will need more persuading.

Thelioninwinter Sun 06-Oct-13 20:42:24

Hmm, lots and lots of students, with associated noise from shared student properties in Egham - Royal Holloway College at the top of the hill. Main street is a mixed bag: pub, lots of charity shops, few quite nice restaurants/cafes, small Tescos and a huge new development of a Waitrose/Travelodge right in the centre. decent library. Good train links into London/Weybridge so shopping/nice places to have a cuppa with friends all doable.

Still not cheap, depends what they want really. Englefield Green much 'naicer', the houses round the cricket green at the top look stunning. 2 mins drive to Savil Gardens/Windsor Great park so all good there. Lovely pubs, nice little shops, would need to drive to get to supermarkets etc. more village feel, some buses.

If they are churchy, St john's in egham has a very open and community feel, I get the impression there is heaps going on there. Lots of community stuff in both places but I suspect they would need to get out there and find it, both of these places are a little insular, IMHO & to become included takes effort. It's very conservative with a small c & a high UKIP vote.

You're right 'on the edge' and it is very much 'the first village out of London'. Negative side to Egham is that the M25 goes through the middle of it. Not a lot of art galleries/museums/towny stuff but lots available within 15 mins drive (Windsor/chertsey/Weybridge/Walton/Ascot/Bracknell).

Does that help at all?

thesaurusgirl Mon 07-Oct-13 10:22:55

Wow, so helpful, thank you Lion

They are looking within a 15 minute walk of the station, on the basis that they will not always be able to drive (they're still fit and active but planning ahead. The Waterloo train goes via Clapham Junction so perfect for us as a family).

Parents are LibDems so don't know how the UKIP politics would go down. We aren't a religious family. Students are a plus - parents have spent time as academics so like "young people"!

Do you know any roads you would particularly recommend or avoid?

Thelioninwinter Wed 09-Oct-13 10:39:52

Sounds like Egham is a better bet although plenty of buses up & down the hill via the A30...

If they were on the north side of the high street, something like this might work detached, victorian. There is a little enclave of lovely victorian cottages etc round there and it is all within 10 to 15 mins walk of the the station/shops etc. Plus points for that end are: you're right next to (over the bypass) Runnymede meadow, the Thames, Runnymede hill for walks into Windsor great Park etc. Some students but more house ownership (my impression). on road parking can be a pain sometimes.

Then there's a more suburban section to the west/south of the high street/station with more of a mix of houses. example Have a look at Spring Rise on google maps/camera to get an idea for the area. Some victorian, some 60s (but good quality) some 90s stuff (tiny). All fine just high chances of students living next door or over the back fence with parties til 3am. My friend lives in the centre of it and some years are better than others, depends on (in her opinion) whether they are undergrads/postgrads or visiting academics!

I think a good drive round would give you a feel for what suits them best. I would say that you would need to avoid the section of Egham known as Pooley Green (the other side of the M25) as the walk would be too far and, between you and me, it's less naice. Houses on egham Hill (between Egham and englefield green) might be possible, need to cross the A30 and that might get trickier the older they get. This one is at the top of the hill, but on a lovely road and with bus stop on the A30 at the end of the road 3 bed Some lovely pubs round there.


thesaurusgirl Wed 09-Oct-13 17:26:31

This is just brilliant information, Lio. Thank you! Exactly what I needed to know and bless you for giving me links too thanks.

I will update you if anything comes of it. Parents have just had a screaming row about it all so divorce might be better than downsizing hmm.

Ekduo Thu 10-Oct-13 09:21:47

Thorpe is nice ( and where I grew up ) My Dad is in the local Lib Dems.I think there's quite a lot going on at the local U3A. I have fantasised about moving to Englefield Green too but I would worry about a load of rowdy students moving in next door. The back of Old Windsor nearest Englefield Green is lovely too

fluffythelabcat Fri 18-Oct-13 12:45:57

I live in Pooley Green, I don't think it is that bad but I have lived in some terrible places so it feels safe by comparison!! There are lots of lovely victorian houses round there, they tend to be mostly two bed though, or three bed with a downstairs bathroom. I really like Egham as a whole though, we are 15 mins from the station but close to Staines for shopping (not worth going to Egham high street unless you are a fan of charity shops)

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