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Patterned curtains and rug - too busy?

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MyAngels Thu 03-Oct-13 16:30:25

We had the same problem with a rug a bit like this

which has sort of a spot pattern in it, so we went with curtains with a small spot pattern too, this one

We were awfully tempted by a big pattern fabric for the curtains, but decided for the money we were paying (massive window!) we'd play it a bit safe.

You have my sympathies, as choosing fabric was a big PITA! I totally ruined a relationship with one interior designer over it...

thetigerwhocametoteax Thu 03-Oct-13 14:49:33

Thanks! The room is quite large 4.5 m x 7 m and is pretty big on features, stone mullion windows, some exposed stone on walls, large fireplace with woodburner and lots of beams (painfully hand stripping from black to natural wood at moment). Walls and carpet are plain cream. Furniture wise we've two sofas - one cream fabric and one brown leather. The rest of the furniture is a mix of oak and some white painted bookcases.

The blue in the curtains I think does reference the blue in the rug. Think the fussiness might be from lots of patterned cushions on the sofas, I do love patterns. Think if I maybe make some matching cushions / plain cushions it'll pull it all together?! I usually just go for lots of things I like and hope it all eventually comes together. After a looong DIY renovation of the lounge (lighting and electrics, new radiators, plastering, painting etc etc) this is supposed to be the fun part - but god it is hard making decisions. I know what you mean brownsauce anything that rouses DH from his usual apathy is probably a bit much!

7to25 Thu 03-Oct-13 09:15:09

A subtle stripe with colours from the rug?
A colour with some texture or a woven pattern?
I think you have to "reference" the rug in some way for them to work together.

BrownSauceSandwich Thu 03-Oct-13 08:22:53

It's impossible to say without knowing the size of your room, the style and quantity of furniture, what you've done with your walls etc... On the other hand, if the curtains have roused your husband from his usual apathy, then I'm inclined to credit his opinion. And of course, it's his room too, and presumably he will be expected to pay something towards the curtains... Why not get some plain curtains in a colour picked up from the rug.

thetigerwhocametoteax Wed 02-Oct-13 20:38:39

I am sure I want a slap for over-thinking this to be honest. In our living room we have a lovely large old persian-style rug (mostly red in colour with cream and blue around edges, nicer than it sounds!). At the moment we have plain cream curtains that don't fit the windows and are a bit thin and cold so I am keen to replace them. I found some lovely fabric which is cream background with embroidered blue and brown stem and flower pattern. DH (who never usually gives a toss about such matters) has just said "that looks a bit busy". So wise MNetters - is patterned rug and patterned curtains generally a bit much?

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