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Estate agent playing games??

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StarRose Wed 02-Oct-13 10:52:39

I viewed a property which I liked and told the estate agent I'd like to think about making an offer (maybe a bit too keen - first time buyer and new to all this!)
They referred me to their mortgage guy who said he was on my side and would help me. I said I was interested around the £120k mark but he came back to me said someone else had made an offer of £123k (it's been on the market just over a month and now suddenly there's two offers on the same day???) I umm and ahh and suggest £124k but he says no, £125k would be better. He goes away to find out some more info. I get a call back saying the other party has offered £126k. I leave it for the weekend as I feel it's all moving a bit fast.
Monday morning I get a call to say congratulations, your offer of £125k has been accepted, even though the other person offered £126k. Hmmm. I didn't know I'd made an offer!
So I've been thinking and researching and today I call the estate agent to say I'd like to view again but the max mortgage I can get is £120k and I'd like to offer £117k.
He says in that case the vendor will probably accept the £126k, and says he'll speak to her now and get back to me. No word as yet.
Are they playing games to get me to increase my offer or does this sound genuine and I've gone and lost the property now??

Unexpected Wed 02-Oct-13 11:06:01

No they sound like a shower of chancers and I'm not sure why their mortgage guy is also involved in the negotiations. Arrange your own mortgage using independent advice and email this lot now (so you have a record) saying that your final offer is £117k and, subject to another viewing, is valid for 24 hours after that. Make it clear that you while it was suggested to you that you needed to offer £125k, at no point have you actually agreed to this.

lalalonglegs Wed 02-Oct-13 11:31:54

Walk away.

StarRose Wed 02-Oct-13 11:42:44

Thanks unexpected, good advice. I hate the feeling I'm being pushed/bullied into something.
I did originally tell them I wouldn't even make an offer until I'd had a second viewing.
Why walk away lala?
There's not a lot in my price range so I'm worried if I don't get this I might not find anything else as nice. Maybe they could sense that...

Crutchlow35 Wed 02-Oct-13 13:51:58

Exactly what Unexpected said. £117K on the table for 24 hours or you walk away. They are taking advantage of you being a FTB and are taking the piss.

StarRose Wed 02-Oct-13 14:19:45

I now have a second viewing arranged. Estate agent also commented that seller won't go below £120k. No mention of them accepting the other offer though. Funny that.

Aethelfleda Wed 02-Oct-13 14:50:08

Cheeky so-and-so's! Would bet a choccy biccie that the vendors know nothing about this though. The best way to deter such behaviour is to tell the EA you feel they have been unacceptable by implying a price war to pressure you (or to inform the vendor directly of this alleged "offer")... BUT clearly you want the property, so forget outing the EA, view, see what you really think it's worth. If you can't afford what the sellers want then walk away and good luck! The EA would deny everything anyway, so chalk it up to experience and practice a good Paddington Bear "long hard stare" for the next time they try it!....

HormonalHousewife Wed 02-Oct-13 14:54:55

I think you are right to be wary.

£120 is your max - you cant afford to be brow beaten into offering more.

Stand by your guns and let us know how the 2nd viewing went

MILdesperandum Wed 02-Oct-13 15:05:36

I think the vendors need to be told - other buyers will be put off by the appalling behaviour of the agent - even if you can't agree a price, still tell them

Unexpected Wed 02-Oct-13 15:50:15

If the vendors are home when you view, ask them why they are still prepared to offer you a viewing if your max is £117k and you understand they already have an offer of £125k on the table? <whistle innocently and walk away>

Crutchlow35 Wed 02-Oct-13 19:10:58

Good plan by unexpected.

JessicaHarper Wed 02-Oct-13 19:58:30

A pack of lies by the estate agent.
The flat me and my brother bought recently was supposedly offered at over 10,000 move than our offer and when the estate agent rang to say so, we said we'd not be upping our offer.
Guess what, a week later our low offer is accepted.
Walk away - its all lies.

Retroformica Wed 02-Oct-13 20:04:35

What you have in your favour is not being in a chain. Maybe the owner was offered 127 with chain or 125 without. The later is better

StarRose Thu 03-Oct-13 18:53:42

Went for the second viewing and made some very big hints about the estate agent not bring entirely truthful. Just found out it's a prefab too. Think I will walk away from this one...

londonrach Thu 03-Oct-13 20:40:06

Can probably guess which agent Walk no run from this ......

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