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Is tile paint really naff and will it work on textured tiles.

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PollyPlummer Sun 15-Sep-13 19:10:14

Tiles are a pooey / bogey green colour and we are eager to get rid of them, they are smooth but with little bumps and dips.
Do we need to get rid of them completely ?
Does anything cheap and cheerful ever work ?
We were hoping to save a bit of money here, so we can spend it else where.

PollyPlummer Sun 15-Sep-13 21:37:33

Just been having a look on google and found stick and go tiles, anyone used them ?

TiredDog Sun 15-Sep-13 21:41:00

I used white tile paint over some ugly tiles, some with an uneven profile. I was trying to stave off spending a lot to replace the whole room. It was never 'good' but did give me time to save to do it properly

I thought the paint went on well (use a small roller)

PollyPlummer Sun 15-Sep-13 21:52:27

Thanks TiredDog. I have actually used it once - many moons ago. I was a lot younger and very inexperienced at diy. It was a total mess, peeled off after a few month and I was never too sure if it was just me or the paint.

BiBiBroccoli Sun 15-Sep-13 21:54:07

google annie sloan paint. My friend just painted her bumpy slate textured tiles and they look amazing!

racmun Sun 15-Sep-13 21:58:01

We used tile paint and it is c

racmun Sun 15-Sep-13 21:59:08

Coming off (less than 9 months) It's a temporary fix until we get the kitchen re done and looks better than they did.

PollyPlummer Sun 15-Sep-13 22:07:09

Thanks BiBi Will google annie sloan paint.
racmum Yes that's what happened here.
I really want to avoid whacking off a load of tiles if I can.
I have heard it can really damage the walls too, so want to avoid it if possible.

WetAugust Sun 15-Sep-13 22:08:30

It never looks good.

No substitute for removing them and retiling.

80sMum Sun 15-Sep-13 22:19:54

It's the primer that's important, rather than the top coat.
Firstly, thoroughly clean the tiles to remove all traces of dirt, grease etc that might hinder the adhesion of the priming coat. Prime with a good quality high adhesion primer, like Zinsser Coverstain or similar. Ordinary wood primer will not do.
Top coat with oil-based gloss if you can bear the fumes, as that is the most waterproof and wipeable. Don't use oil-based white though, as it will yellow very quickly. Go for a colour instead. You will need to add grout lines with a grout pen after you've painted, to restore the tiled look.
It's not as good as retiling, but if done properly should last at least 5 years.

callow Sun 15-Sep-13 22:42:37

I used a International One Coat Tile Paint Satin White in my bathroom 6 years ago. It is only now starting to peel badly in the shower area, but is perfect in other areas. I did need to use about 4 coats on a dark tile though and I cleaned the tiles very carefully before painting.

It is good as a temporary fix. I have now had enough time to save up for a new bathroom.

PrimalLass Mon 16-Sep-13 08:05:00

I'd take out out the top mm of the grout before painting and redo it afterwards. It would look a lot better then. I second using Zinsser as a primer too.

PollyPlummer Mon 16-Sep-13 20:05:53

Thanks everyone smile

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