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Where to live within a 30 min commute to stoke newington (hackney)?

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Samsean Mon 16-Sep-13 22:09:45

Thanks everyone! I will have a look smile

Alanna1 Sun 15-Sep-13 20:16:36

Look at the BR lines coming out of stoke newington and clapton. Look at the bus routes going into stoke newington. Lastly look at the East London line - lots of places opening up in SE.

rumtumtugger Sun 15-Sep-13 20:06:35

Lots of family friendly places to live around the East - they often centre around parks and open spaces so try Stokey itself around Clissold Park, Lower Clapton around Millfields Park, Bow/Bethnal Green/South Hackney around Victoria Park, and Dalston around London Fields (although these are all expensive to buy in now). Upper Clapton is worth a punt if you'd like a bargain, but there are still dodgy areas a-plenty so choose wisely. Further out, you have the up-and-coming Walthamstow around Lloyd Park, which is rapidly gentrifying and attracting lots of families as prices are still relatively affordable, given its proximity to central London. There's also Wanstead which has the Flats and Epping Forest.

CelticPromise Sun 15-Sep-13 09:06:06


Samsean Sun 15-Sep-13 08:42:37

rumtum, just want somewhere that is family friendly

Samsean Sun 15-Sep-13 08:30:27

Waffly, stoke newington station

rumtumtugger Sun 15-Sep-13 01:01:06

What are your interests? Lots of things to do in the east...

WafflyVersatile Sun 15-Sep-13 00:46:56

Or which bus routes it's on.

WafflyVersatile Sun 15-Sep-13 00:46:34

What are the nearest tube and train stations to the work location? It may tell you on the website.

Samsean Sun 15-Sep-13 00:29:46


We are relocating. I was wondering if you could recommend please any places that are within a 30 min commute (whether train/bus/car/cycle - preferably train so it's further away and more affordable) to stoke newington?


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