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First time I've ever viewed a house - help!

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OttersPocket Fri 13-Sep-13 14:41:54


DP and I have finally managed to get a mortgage in principal, we have our deposit sorted, all we need to do now is find a house to buy!

It's a very competitive market where we are and 'first time' houses sell like hotcakes. We're going to view one this evening but having never bought property before I feel a bit overwhelmed.

The house owners are doing the viewing. It's a 3 bed mid-terrace with an attic conversion. So, what do I need to ask? What should I look out for? I'm in Scotland so I have read the home report etc. Any tips gratefully received!

EdgarAllanPond Tue 17-Sep-13 20:43:15

I would look particularly carefully at ceilings to check for signs of damp and structural problems. check pipework (copper, not lead!)
good hard look at the roof -particularly flashing and joins. Look at soffits and bargeboards for signs of decay. Note any cracks in render (do they correspond to damp patches on the inside?)

note the lie of the land, are any external walls banked with soil (likely to cause damp) or is your house in a swamp? exposed on a hilltop?

note which side faces the prevailing wind and any potential problems that causes (old houses have tile on the West side round here for a reason)

Walk round the area and get a feel for what it is like - don't like the area, don't buy the house. Chat to neighbours if they are about.

Think about how your day will work there - school run, trip to work, dog walk, park trip etc...shops in walking distance?

I see you have offered anyway, good luck with survey smile

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