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Cleaning up plaster dust

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mmte Sun 08-Sep-13 23:35:52

Almost everywhere online recommends using a Henry. I already have a Vax 9131 which is very similar, but when I say cleaning up plaster dust, I mean a lot of it. At the moment I don't even get a minute out of it when cleaning up after DIY jobs, but it seems fine again with a new bag... for another minute.

I saw Ash Vacuum Attachments in town today and I thought that seemed like a likely solution. I'm not sure how they work or if they're suitable.

Then I wondered if I could put a lot of water in the base of my 9131 and suck all the air through the water in order to catch the plaster particles. Seems like it might work.

What experience have others got with this problem? No-one's allowed to suggest the Henry ;) What makes industrial vacuum cleaners different?

Thanks smile

PigletJohn Mon 09-Sep-13 09:49:19

Is your vac a canister one with a big bucket?

Has it got a pleated cardboard filter inside?

See how much you can clean up with a dustpan and brush.

Plaster dust is very bad for vacuum cleaners.

Jamdoughnutfiend Mon 09-Sep-13 10:00:30

My Henry has been through 3 whole house renovations and is still going strong. My vac lasted about a day before it burnt out the motor. Sorry (buy a Henry)! cake

MummytoMog Mon 09-Sep-13 14:05:34

I killed my vax with it, totally killed it. We've bought a cheap £30 one and we're planning on chucking it when we're done.

PigletJohn Mon 09-Sep-13 14:07:38

I have not had a Vax, but your one looks similar to a builders canister cleaner.

They usually (always?) have a drum-shaped filter cartridge made of pleated paper. This does get clogged quickly by cement or plaster dust, it can be cleaned off between the pleats with a stiff brush, and eventually washed in water (so I always keep a clean, dry spare).

Usually a paper bag, as well, reduces the speed of clogging.

The cartridge can be used wet, the bag can't.

PigletJohn Mon 09-Sep-13 14:10:51

this is an example of a builders cleaner.

I have had this brand of tools before, they tend to be heavy and cheap but have a good guarantee. Builders tools have a hard and short life.

mmte Mon 16-Sep-13 17:47:27

Hello all.

I thought I'd post back with my solution. I put a Henry Neumatic HEPA-Flo bag into the Vax. I had to trim the green plastic trim to make it fit, but it works great. I've hovered up more plaster dust and rubble than I could have done with a dozen of the paper Vax bags and it's still going strong.

So tomorrow I think I'll buy a lot more of these Henry bags. Amazing that they work so well! :D

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