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Someone is finally selling their shed - the end times have come

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StiffyByng Sun 08-Sep-13 20:52:59

I mean, really?

WhataSook Wed 13-Nov-13 08:14:49

My question is who are these people who can afford to buy these properties??!

I started a thread a while ago about London prices as my neighbour sold her house for nearly £70,000 more than we paid for ours only a few years ago (and I've been inside, it is nice, but not an extra £70,000 worth of nice!). We are talking a stand EOT, two up two down with a backyard increasing by that amount in less than 3 years. Shocking.

deepfriedsage Wed 13-Nov-13 08:26:31

It is no longer on the market.

SidandAndyssextoy Tue 24-Dec-13 01:45:51

The original shed has sold. There's a sold sign outside it. I can't wait to find out what they got for it.

Aethelfleda Fri 27-Dec-13 18:05:28

Post back on here when you find out, Sid!

wetaugust Fri 27-Dec-13 22:09:48

The 2nd one makes the original one look like a good deal.

But 300K for a house with a garden and parking - so you could actually demolish it and buidl a 'proper' multi-storey house on the land. That would be worth more than the £300K.

RudolphtheRedknowsraindear Sat 28-Dec-13 19:34:59

Where do you sleep? There's no bedroom in either shed property. Also, the back,"garden," isn't big enough for a decent tent, so you can't even sleep there fconfused!

SidandAndyssextoy Sat 28-Dec-13 19:48:50

There really isn't room to build a house on the shed plot. It's someone's smallish side garden and borders directly on to the pavement on a busyish junction with buses. It's newly built so presumably the only thing that the planners allowed.

The second one is in 'the heart of' East Dulwich which is why it costs so much more.

lulupeg Sun 29-Dec-13 09:32:08

Someone round the corner from me (same broad area as the original shed) is building one of these in their medium sized back garden. It looks TINY from what I can see of the plot. Also it's in the garden of a 30s terrace house that has already been divided into two flats. I really think that's a horrid use of space, 30s terraces make fab family homes but two flats and a mini house in the garden - yak!

Methe Sun 29-Dec-13 09:36:55

The shed I could cope with but that front garden is hideous!

The second one is a granny annex isn't it? £450k for it and its sold! What a mug.

octopusinasantasack Sun 29-Dec-13 10:30:59

The cabins on some cruise ships are bigger than that bungalow!

Toospotty Fri 28-Mar-14 19:38:53

I've just noticed that this shed is now under offer at £290,000 asking price.

TinyDiamond Sat 29-Mar-14 21:29:19

This has been for sale for quite some time. A friend lives nearby and linked it on her facebook around 6 months ago. Crazy.

TinyDiamond Sat 29-Mar-14 21:29:57

Oh. just realised the date of the OP

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