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Selling our house- give your opinions.......

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allotmentgirl82 Sun 25-Aug-13 17:02:07

Our house has been on the market for two weeks.

We have had two viewings so far, no offers.
First viewer-didn't ask much about house, Second viewer- property developer-said house would need kitchen and bathroom ripping out and didn't want to insult me with his offer!
OH is finishing off painting the front of the house as we speak.
We live near a university and houses are usually bought to let out to students.
The EA told us to put this price on it to help it sell faster.
What are your opinions of our house/price?
What else can we do to encourage more viewers???

We want to move to Cornwall- OH starts his new job on the 2nd September- he'll be staying in our tiny caravan until the house sells and we can move down there.

dontwanttobefatandforty Sun 25-Aug-13 17:03:58

poppy1973 Sun 25-Aug-13 17:10:49

Hi - no offence but the property looks a bit studentish from the front.

I would get rid of the nets at the windows and open the house up - curtains could be shortened as they look a little long and a bit tired looking.

Put some nice pictures paintings up on the walls, as the rooms look really bare and unlived in. The rooms look fine but just look like it is a rented house and that you haven't really lived there. Kitchen and bathroom look fine in my opinion.

allotmentgirl82 Sun 25-Aug-13 17:10:59

thanks. i couldn't get the link to view properly!

poppy1973 Sun 25-Aug-13 17:13:41

Lounge - split the furniture around - looks squashed in the photo - dress the window, put your pictures on the wall.

Kitchen - clear the utensils of the worksurface etc and dress the kitchen - put some coloured dishes with fresh fruit out.

Hope this helps - it looks a nice house

dyslexicdespot Sun 25-Aug-13 17:14:01

I think your house is very nice and has a lot of potential. Have you had a look at houses that have been sold in your area? Are they going for the same price as yours?

I would ask the estate agents to take new photos. Go through your house and get ride of all the clutter in every room. I would also take out the bunk beds in the child's room and take out to sofa in the living room. It is too large for the room and makes the room look cramped. I would also make sure that they post a layout of the property.

Good luck! Your house would go for a small fortune in my neighbourhood. It makes me green with envy when I see houses for sale at a reasonable price!

allotmentgirl82 Sun 25-Aug-13 17:15:33

Curtains are all new but i'll get my mum to shorten them- she's a dab hand on the sewing machine!
We only have the nets up as B and Q is across the rd and can see into our bedroom from their staff room (i found this out when i was stood in bra and knicks and opened the curtains to waving people)
I'll take them down and ask EA to take more pictures.
We have repainted everything magnolia so took all the paintings/pictures down.

magimedi Sun 25-Aug-13 17:16:44


Can't work out which house it is from the outside picture - it could be either of the two.

I would remove the net curtain in the sitting room - even if just for viewings as it will let more light in & it looks a wee bit tatty.

In the dining room I'd put some oranges or something in the bowl on the table to give a splash of colour - it's very brown.

The kitchen looks fine, yes someone may well want to replace it but that's up to them.

I don't understand the step come box in the bathroom - looks odd.

If you can I'd put away the stuff on the top of the cupboards in the main bedroom, it looks as if you don't have enough space.

The photo of the second bedroom is not good - all you see are beds & it makes it look cramped.

I can't help you re price as I have no idea of your area.

Basically I think it's fine but I do think the photos could be better.

Good luck & don't forget that things will probably pick up re viewings once school starts again - a lot of people are busy buying uniform/sewing on nametapes/getting shoes etc etc right now.

allotmentgirl82 Sun 25-Aug-13 17:18:00

Looking back at the pics, the sofa does look too big for the room- the picture doesn't do the room justice. Theres another 4ft of space at the side of the sofa!

ClaimedByMe Sun 25-Aug-13 17:21:24

I agree re the net, bin them!! You can buy slanty type blinds quite cheap that you cut to size, that would make a bit of difference, also agree re putting pictures up on the walls and some colour in your kitchen.

Your house is really nice inside but it looks a bit sad from the outside with the nets.

RandomMess Sun 25-Aug-13 17:22:13

I'd do something about the beds in the 2nd bedroom - it looks soooo tiny in that photo. How old are the dc?

Can you dress your bed? Unfortunately the furniture in your bedroom does add a bit to the student look, sorry sad

Arisbottle Sun 25-Aug-13 17:22:18

I agree about the net curtains , it makes the house look like a student house, especially the ones on the top floor which seem to be sagging .

I am going to be honest, sorry if I offend.

Get rid of juice bottles and anything extra in the kitchen . You do not have much workspace as it is.

The whole house looks quite cold and not particularly loved or lived in. I can see that you have tried to declutter but there seems little warmth in the house. the curtains all look rather cheap.

That dark blue is a poor choice for a bedroom and the room looks too cluttered .

Having said this it is very cheap at 99K

Perplexing Sun 25-Aug-13 17:23:33

I think the inside pics are fine - but agree with others - lose the net curtains - esp the sagging one in top right window.

The (boys'? blue starry duvet) bedroom looks a little cluttered - maybe lose the hanging tube storage thing. If the beds work as bunk beds, maybe you could set them up as that while selling as will give impression of more space.

Dining room nice, kitchen white and neutral. No idea on pricing in your area - but best of luck for a quick sale.

Perplexing Sun 25-Aug-13 17:23:52

sorry x posts arisbottle!

RandomMess Sun 25-Aug-13 17:24:59

Actually all the photos are really bed, I'm assuming the master bedroom is actually much bigger just because of the ceiling height alone? Do you think the estate agent used the wrong lense???

You need to hide/get rid of the clutter in the bedroom (can it go in the loft?) and a photo/picture above the double bed would break up the blue.

What is the yard like - does it have flowers in pots etc?

allotmentgirl82 Sun 25-Aug-13 17:26:08

magimedi- the step box is there as we moved the bath to its new position, and gas/water pipes are underneath it.

Perplexing Sun 25-Aug-13 17:26:23

Sorry having looked again it appears there is already a bunk bed in that room and the other one is not wood so couldn't 'stack' anyway. Maybe you could move the wooden storage chest on floor in the blue room (left of pic) to show more floor space?

Arisbottle Sun 25-Aug-13 17:26:39

I do not know Preston but this is within 1/2 mile and appears to be bigger. I don't like it but for 30k I could make it to my taste .

RandomMess Sun 25-Aug-13 17:29:43

Is the grout in the bathroom sparkly clean? Either move the airers or hang some coloured towels on them to cheer up the bathroom.

Back to the kitchen is that electric leads going across on the worktop in the photo? It needs to be retaken!!! Even putting the microwave at an angle would help once you've decluttered all the surfaces. It looks like there is paint on the side of the sink - will it clean off? Also could you put up a towel rail on the side of it there with some nice tea towels or something to inject some colour co-ordinating with a bowl of fruit on the other side of the room?

Arisbottle Sun 25-Aug-13 17:31:40

Again this could be a much less desirable area but this is withing 1/4 of a mile of you and 20k cheaper but looks more homely and the photos make it look bigger.


allotmentgirl82 Sun 25-Aug-13 17:33:07

RandomMess- the master bedroom is a lot bigger than the pics. We have our DD's cotbed in there too. The room is actually 17ft x 13ft. The LH side of the room isn't in the picture as DD was asleep in her cot, and EA didn't want her in the picture.
Clutter is going in the garage/to the tip this week (im sick of seeing it)
The yard is painted white and has a table and chairs in it.

Thank you for all your opinions- it's great to get honest advice from others.

Arisbottle Sun 25-Aug-13 17:33:39

link for the house at 30k less than you and 1/2 mile away

RandomMess Sun 25-Aug-13 17:36:16

I think you need to take the awful photos up with your estate agent - they are truly awful!!!

Tidy up the house and then insist he comes back - one of the yard may help.

How does yours compare to the competition Aris has linked to?

Arisbottle Sun 25-Aug-13 17:37:18

If people are buying to let out to students they maybe drawn to the three beds in your area which are on for 1k more than yours.

WhoNickedMyName Sun 25-Aug-13 17:39:25

I always click on the 'view similar properties' button to compare, and there are several 3 bedroom terraced houses within half a mile that are cheaper and with (sorry) nicer kitchen and bathrooms. Are you sure about the price?

The photos are not good, I'd get the agent back to retake them all.

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