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Upset at derision for my decor

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DameDoom Tue 20-Aug-13 15:22:42

A colleague came round for coffee yesterday and openly laughed at my house and shockingly bad taste. She spent about 2 hours ridiculing my 'delusional grandeur' and picked out item after item for scorn.

I bloody love my home and spend most of my money and time on it because I really love interiors to the point of obsession. I openly admit that and I know my taste isn't to everyone's but I was offended.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? If I don't like something I just keep my trap shut.

sleepcrisis Thu 22-Aug-13 08:00:15

I think I love your house, DD. Woman sounds like a twat. I used to live in AA's shop but live far far away now where every other house is magnolia and they all think I'm a wannabe hipster for liking grey walls and antlers.

Really sorry to hijack thread but can I ask you a Q about dark and gloomy? Sorry I know it's really cheeky but never met anyone who has actually done dark and gloomy. I have been fighting the urge to paint front room down pipe. It's currently bare plaster. Haven't got the guts to do ceiling and woodwork too - is north facing and fairly small - 4x4m.
Ceiling not too low but not very high. Maybe 2.15m ish. Is Victorian but no bay. Is knocked through to the back reception room with a 2.5m opening but the rear window is now a door to kitchen extension so not huge amount of light. Dh's compromise is to paint front room down pipe and rear room something meh like pavillion grey. Would that look shite and half hearted? What do I do with woodwork? Argh. Need a confidence boost!

Whoops that's more than a quick Q. Sorry..

maybemyrtle Thu 22-Aug-13 08:57:33

"her husband is a high earner and her house is worth at least 3 times ours"
Money can't buy style, or even manners apparently. What a cow.

DameFanny Thu 22-Aug-13 08:59:41

Still waiting for photos <taps foot>

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