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Hoddesdon, Broxbourne on tight budget - any advice?

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Footiemum1 Mon 23-Feb-15 12:26:35

Thanks Lovingthesunshine! Fingers crossed!

LovingTheSunshine Mon 23-Feb-15 10:38:17

Hi Footiemum1 good luck with your move. I'm just up the road in Hertford, we moved here from London 15 years ago. Very settled smile

Footiemum1 Sun 22-Feb-15 22:17:16

Hi, did you end up moving to Hoddesdon/Broxbourne? Am about to do the same from North London, thinking of a better life for my 9 year old football-mad son. Is this the right place, will we find decent schools and a social life, any culture or arty folks around also?

bruffin Tue 06-Aug-13 10:11:18

Ousdon Close is a great location. 5 minutes walk to Cheshunt station. Over the railway track you have the Lea Valley with miles and miles of walks and cycling. There is also an outdoor centre for over 9s.
Grundy Park and sport centre at the end if the road.
Shops again a few minutes walk but mainly a small tesco and a butchers, loads of hairdressers and a few cafe s but no Cafe Nero also banks and post office and a few pubs.
There is a big choice of primaries including Brookland which is considered the best.
A few minutes drive to M25 so easy to get anywhere.
Its also a few minutes drive to M25

littlecrystal Tue 06-Aug-13 09:42:52

bruffin I thought of Cheshunt too, but it seems there are roads where you could go wrong (at least within my budget) so I am not sure how do I chose.. but I may be wrong! How about this Cheshunt location this?

littlecrystal Tue 06-Aug-13 09:38:10

Thanks guys. Sound positive so far! It is not going to be easy to make the move with DS1 already in a primary school, but it better be done before DS2 started primary.

bruffin Tue 06-Aug-13 09:25:03

Broxbourne is a better station to commute from as several lines meet there. Rye House is only on the Hertford East line which has only one train every half hour.

bruffin Tue 06-Aug-13 09:22:22

Broxbourne is nicer than the Hoddesdon end, and the Tower shopping centre is a bit dead but it is being redeveloped at the moment. I dont live there but my dcs go to secondary school there near Rye House station. There really isnt much around there but it is a perfectly pleasant place to live. I did used to live in South London as well, by the way. Be careful when looking as there is Broxbourne borough which covers a huge area. and then there is the surrounding area of Broxbourne station which is lovely by the way but most of the houses would be out of your price range

We did look at living there when we moved back north of the river 20 years ago. The roads around Rye House station are terrible for parking as there are a lot of victorian type cottages and the streets are quite narrow.

What it has got is surrounded by very easy access to countryside and some very good secondary schools ie Broxbourne and The John Warner. Sheredes was in special measures a few years ago but i think it has improved since then. There is also a good sports centre at John Warner. There is not a lot of crime and my dcs feel safe around the area and no gang culture etc

If I had a choice i would actually go a bit further out and look at Hertford (though not sure if you would get much for your budget) or maybe Ware as well.

Both areas are perfectly pleasant places to live, although my dcs (15 and 17) say they wouldnt live there as they prefer where we live in Cheshunt,which seems much to have a bit more for them to do on our doorstep.
If you want to know anything else just ask

littlecrystal Tue 06-Aug-13 08:53:31

Hi. I have been thinking of moving for years now for numerous reasons, but the main being disliking my period house and wanting a better quality life for my kids - somewhere they will be proud to say they are from, not just a soulless London postcode. Currently in South London. My initial idea of moving was Bromley Borough suburb, but after much research I found that Hoddesdon/Broxbourne came up as ticking all my boxes including Cafe Nero.

I need 3 bed house, walkable to the train station (Rye House/Broxbourne) and under 250k. Rightmove gives me several properties but it is hard to get the feel only from driving around.

Anyone could advise on totally avoidable areas? Though if I am honest, I do not think the worst areas there can be worse than London...


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