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Reducing height of fence - saw / cut off top - possible?

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monniemae Mon 05-Aug-13 14:40:43

Has anyone done this successfully? We recently replaced the old dilapidated fencing in our garden (terraced house) with new closeboard / featherboard fencing. We let the neighbour know in advance and we erected it to the maximum height (6ft6) as advised by council because of a problem with another neighbour's pitbull coming in the garden.

The neighbours have asked us to consider reducing the height of the fence to 4 foot and making the remaining height up with trellis if they pay towards it. Ideally we'd have had this conversation with them before the fence was installed! But for various reasons we didn't. We've said we will consider it but the issue is I have no idea if this is even possible.

The fence was installed by my dad (builder) and his friend (carpenter) who say that we cannot saw the top off the fence as it will splinter and fall apart. I'd like a second opinion; I can't find any information online and wondered if anyone here knows if this might be possible? We don't have the money to start again with the fence. It is our fence, but we don't want to upset the neighbours unnecessarily if there is a cheap and simple solution that everyone would be happy with.

So - any advice or experience of reducing fence heights, welcome please!

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