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How is Orpington

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moneypurse Sat 03-Aug-13 17:06:04

We have been looking for a house in and around Bromley for sometime. Now we have found one in Orpington, but we aren't sure how good the neighbourhood is.

More preciously, the property we have found is located inside the triangle formed by the high street, court road and the spur road.

The road where the property is located itself looks calm, neat and decent. But I have seen some posts in Internet advising to avoid certain areas in Orpington. Wondering if this is one area which we should stay away from.

Thanks all

SB5186 Thu 23-Jul-15 13:55:46


I know this is really old thread. However we are planning to buy a house in Orpington because we just cant afford in London anymore. we are a couple with no kids and looking to spend 320k on 2 bed. So the information on areas to completely avoid in Orpington will be a big help. We both work at central london so commute wise, i believe orpington is good.

if you have finally got settled in, your opinion will be very helpful. thanks!


littlem133 Thu 23-Jul-15 20:26:50

Haven't lived there for a while but not of Orpington and chelsfield are nice. The side of Orpington towards the m25 is also really nice

PettsWoodParadise Thu 23-Jul-15 21:44:44

Feel free to DM the name of a road, I live nearby. Petts Wood is great and much of Orpington is, but there are pockets that may not be quite so ideal. I love the commuting options, the blend of access to Lomdon and the Countryside, the convenience of local shops and the good schools.

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