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Young free and single

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noddyholder Mon 29-Jul-13 12:24:14

When you were young free and single grin eg career couple no kids but ok off financially what would your top 3 requirements have been in a flat? Am thinking over and above the basics. TIA

minipie Mon 29-Jul-13 13:11:22

bit of context please!

is the hypothetical couple renting or buying? because decor matters more to renters as they can't change it.

and do you mean location type factors (eg my top priority was always a decent commute to work) or elements of the flat itself (eg decent shower)?

brillohair Mon 29-Jul-13 13:40:14

We have a young DS now but we're still in our young free and single flat, hoping to move in the next year though! grin

Our flat is mortgaged so I agree that decor, shower etc didn't matter much. Most important for us was location (five minutes to a tube, amenities like restaurants, small supermarkets), space (2 beds, huge living room for socialising, 2 bathrooms), and storage (to keep our stuff hidden out of signt). A clean, ready-to-move into state was important as we didn't have time to renovate (we did put in new wooden floors to replace carpet and painted some walls though). I also vetoed anywhere without a lift, although DH wouldn't have minded. And, I have to admit, as we know it wasn't our forever home, we wanted to buy somewhere that was likely to rise in price (we're in London and it's definitely done that!)

noddyholder Mon 29-Jul-13 14:35:04

I am talking things which would make you choose it over others finishing touches etc. Last house we did a small studio and a mezzanine and it really worked. Location is covered its more 'extras'. Space reconfigured to provide an office and a terrace. I was just wondering really. The location I am in is likely to be London buyer to commute (2 mins to station)

noddyholder Mon 29-Jul-13 14:39:30

That is interesting about the decor because the houses/flats I have sold have been all about that

brillohair Mon 29-Jul-13 15:38:56

Ah, well we discounted a few places with very open plan bedrooms (literally no doors on the bedroom, it was on a converted warehouse so a mezzanine was inserted for the bedroom. I just kept thinking about having visitors staying in the living room and hearing us shagging grin. Ours is a city centre flat, so we're probably different buyers to a couple buying somewhere to commute from though - it was important for us to be in a vibrant area, and the market for this location is so busy that we didn't have the chance to take into account things like finishing touches, it was a matter of putting in the offer fast enough!

noddyholder Mon 29-Jul-13 15:56:56

I am half way a project that was going to be for us but have had a change of heart! It will sell regardless due to location but think its a different market to my usual so thought I may add some 'extras' but not sure I need to now!

minipie Tue 30-Jul-13 09:52:15

hmm well I was always willing to do work to properties I was considering buying, so the location and basic size/layout/character were more important than finishing touches.

There are a whole bunch of people out there who aren't willing to do work though, they want something all finished and done. I expect for those people it's more about overall modernness though rather than any specific items?

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