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moving to Bristol

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witt999 Sun 28-Jul-13 20:08:19

Am hoping to relocate to Bristol next year and doing a bit of advance planning.
Can anyone help with areas to live - am keen to be in a reasonably quiet family-friendly area that's still convenient/not too isolated. Not sure where I'll be working so a bit in the dark but priority to live in a good area even if it means longer commute. Def don't want to be in a studenty area. Budget is around £325,000.
Would consider Bath and commuting from there - what is that like? Not sure if the budget can stretch to it though...

allaflutter Wed 31-Jul-13 21:56:51


CheltenhamIncomer Thu 01-Aug-13 09:25:38

We just moved to Cheltenham from London (name changed because it's pretty identifying).

We didn't want too suburban either, but the thing we like about Cheltenham is that it is small enough that you really can use the whole/most of the town. The town centre is walking distance for a lot of people and there is lots going on - the festivals, the theatre, etc. Not great if you're into gigs and things, but most other things.

Our reasons for not moving to Bristol (which we considered as I'm from the south west) were the secondary schools and the fact that we wanted more property for our money than central areas of Bristol would have allowed us. Also, public transport in Bristol when I was growing up was shitter than shit. It might have totally changed, but that put me off.

BristolParent Tue 12-May-15 06:16:36

For anyone still looking at moving, you could check out my post about it here. We moved to Bristol from London two years ago and have never looked back.

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