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Loft conversion - ballpark figure..?

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Mij Sun 28-Jul-13 15:08:33

We're considering becoming first time buyers at 40...<coughs>. We've been spoilt for space in the rented place we've been in for the past 5.5years - living beyond our income bracket really.

So, trying to find somewhere in our pricey area that's within walking distance of school is a bit of a headache, and we'll have to go smaller. Which is fine - it'll make us get ride of stuff - but a place we've seen and liked would really need the roof converting to make it liveable long-term with two kids and visiting grandparents, as 3rd bedroom is tiny. Like 4'8 wide tiny. But would make the perfect space for a staircase!

House footprint is about 8 or 9m x 4m (interior measurements though) and the roof is the kind that goes to a single point at the party wall between the two semis. So to convert would need a hefty dorma, presumably at the side as that's the biggest bit of roof area.

I have no idea whether we'd need planning permission (as it would be visible from the front of the house, though not a conservation area or anything) or how much this would cost. Anyone done anything similar? We're in South Yorkshire so no scary London prices please!

All guidance much appreciated smile

Mij Sun 28-Jul-13 15:09:23

Rid, not ride of stuff. Rogue e... <remembers 1993 fondly>

Mij Sun 28-Jul-13 19:46:25

Bumpity bumping

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Sun 28-Jul-13 23:13:11

We had a loft conversion 12 years ago ( was a 4 bed detached), master bedroom, ensuite and study. No dormer, just velux windows and it cost £21 K.

Friend of mine had one 2 years ago, master bedroom and ensuite ( small end terrace 3 bed) again no dormer and that was £30 K.

If you go ahead, get a proper loft conversion company. A house down the road from uswas a house of horrors after going with a general builder!

We are both in NE Hampshire.

utopian99 Mon 29-Jul-13 06:12:08

In your case permitted development is 50cubic metres additional to the existing of the house, and no extension beyond the plane of the roof slope of the principal elevation that fronts the street. The way you describe.the roof makes me think it's a hipped roof, so could be required and always worth checking with planning once you know specifics and floor area.

You will always however need to inform building control and build to building regs..

Costs based on your footprint should be between £20-30k as others have said, with £4-6k for a dormer depending on size/access requirements etc

Glittertwins Mon 29-Jul-13 06:22:38

Hi. In 2010, we paid £32k for ours for the basic build, windows, veluxes.

We had to change our boiler and remove water tanks as there would not have been enough space. I think we then spent about about £10k on the ensuite (tiling, toilet, sink, shower), flooring, curtains and bespoke fitted wardrobes.

We were lucky in that VAT at the end of 2009 was a lot less so made a saving on the initial payment. We also managed to get VAT free in offers with the bathroom company.

Glittertwins Mon 29-Jul-13 06:24:20

Sorry, that £10k also included redecoration from downstairs hallway all the way up to the top, the room that had the stairs put in and then the rooms in the conversion too.

bananananacoconuts Mon 29-Jul-13 06:44:06

Maybe an idea to get a builder in before you buy. I bought a house last year with the intention of converting the loft to give the dc bigger bedrooms and after get quotes from 4 builders they have all said the pitch of the roof is too short by about 10cm! No conversion for me!

newlifeforme Mon 29-Jul-13 12:39:41

Have any other houses had similar conversions? Not all lofts are suitable for conversion as bananas says.

We're planning a conversion but the roof space is not high enough so the roof has to be lifted, that adds signifantly to the cost.

Mij Mon 29-Jul-13 17:39:35

Wow. Very helpful everyone and feck me that's pricey! Vendor has very helpfully given me the number of a builder who has worked on nearby houses and is happy to give access to get a quote.

Lucyadams184 Tue 30-Jul-13 12:38:20

I hope it goes ok for you. We have just had a quote of 44k to put 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs but it is still cheaper than moving, luckily we have equity in the house to pay for it.

WeAreSix Tue 30-Jul-13 12:40:59

We've got a dormer, 3 velux windows, 2 beds and shower room. It was done last year, and I think the actual build cost was just shy of 40k.

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