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They've upped the price by £25K!

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SadPander Wed 17-Jul-13 20:45:07

Have seen a lovely house on right move we are interested in, called numerous times to try and view only to be told it isn't safe to go inside yet as building is still at early stages (its an old pub being concerted into houses). According to the agent its always about 2 weeks away from being ready to view - this has been going on for at least 2 months! Just checked right move and the price has gone up from £200000 to £225000 sad This is the only potential house at the moment- they wont let us view it and they,ve just moved it to above our budget, we have a second viewing on ours tomorrow. Just wanted to rant really!

thegraduand Wed 17-Jul-13 20:47:35

Ignore it, you can still offer what you want. They can ask what they like, they will only get what they will pay for

SquinkiesRule Thu 18-Jul-13 04:32:02

Can you go by. Stop and look and make small talk with the builder, I bet he'd let you look around with a hard hat on. We were chatting to someone building on an empty ploy near us, he invited us in to look around, I think he did it with lots of people, he sold it before it was completed.

SquinkiesRule Thu 18-Jul-13 04:32:23

Thats plot not ploy

SadPander Thu 18-Jul-13 19:27:35

Thank you both for responding to my random rant! Unfortunately I think the new price is probably a better reflection of what the property is worth, just wish it had started off at that price before I got my hopes up.

Good idea Squinkies maybe I need to hang about the buildings and see if I can find a builder. Was tempted to try posting a note through the door and bypass the agent altogether, getting info from them is like getting blood from a stone. I haven't come across an agent yet who seems like they are actively trying to sell anything - don't know how some of them make a living!

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