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Surrey removals recommendation (Guildford/Woking area)?

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Greigs has been recommended to me. Just getting a quote.

Mendi Wed 17-Jul-13 17:01:19

Thanks! Contacted for quotes.

Dreading the move, it will help a lot to have a reliable removals firm.

Aethelfleda Wed 17-Jul-13 16:53:11

F Smith and Son (based in Croydon but cover your area) were fab: we used them for a move-with-packing service and they were very good (and polite/friendly too!) google them for the number, they give no-obligation quotes.

FlightofFancy Wed 17-Jul-13 15:41:17

I'd really recommend these guys Paul's Moves. We've used them, as have family and friends - really lovely people as well as reliable.

Mendi Wed 17-Jul-13 15:30:28

Thanks Helish, have asked them for a quote. Wouldn't mind one or two others if anyone else has any other recommendations.

Helish Wed 17-Jul-13 15:03:17

We used Clockwork to move us from Guildford. They were brilliant to deal with and very professional, would definitely use them if we ever move again.

Mendi Wed 17-Jul-13 14:16:18

Can anyone recommend a reliable removals co. in Surrey? A friend in RL recommended CTW Removals but I can't seem to get a quote out of them, so looking for another company. Would prefer personal recommendation!

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