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Farrow and Ball colours - I need your help please!

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TinyPanic Sun 07-Jul-13 15:05:06

My new kitchen is painted in F&B cooking apple green (which i love) and white tie. The kitchen has a door which leads to an extension room which is rather an odd room (rectangular room with patio door to garden at one end and interior door to garage at the other). I want to try and make this room more of a 'room' than a dumping ground but I am stumped as to what colour to paint it. The room feels rather cold and doesn't get a huge amount of sunlight as it is east facing, although there is a skylight in it. Floor is oak. So what F&B colours can you suggest that will work well with cooking apple green (you will be able to see this colour in the kitchen when the door is open)?

K8Middleton Sun 07-Jul-13 15:08:53

Old white. It's not white at all but sort of bone coloured (I know there's a bone too!) Would contrast nicely with green and works brilliantly in a darkish room.

My living room and stairway are painted in old white and it looks great although very neutral.

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