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Someone buy my house!!!!

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Kieron79 Sat 29-Jun-13 13:52:13

Ok so house been on market exactly 4 weeks, had 6 viewings and 3 no shows which ain't bad I suppose but no offers. House is priced in line with competition, problem is we've fell in love with another property (I know we shouldn't have!!) and also EA suggested an offer we suggested would be accepted once we are proceedable.
I'm so frustrated with our EA, keep having to ring them several times for feedback, when would you say is a reasonable time to ditch and move on? We can't really afford to drop price much either as funds tight for what we want to move into next.
Anyway rant over, this isn't property, any views?

lisahayes Wed 17-Jul-13 16:56:07

hi, how did you get on with this? manage to sell?

Corriewatcher Mon 01-Jul-13 20:27:35

We've just accepted an offer on our house after it had been on the market for over 12 months and with 3 separate agents (all as sole agents, not overlapping). The last agents got us a decent offer in just 6 weeks, with not a single no show viewing. they gave excellent and speedy feedback, and good advice on presenting the property from the off. The same could not be said of the 2 previous agents (one of whom had loads of no shows). I would say ditch them asap, and get a good recommendation from a friend who has recently sold - people are very frank about how good their estate agents are!

Good luck!

tungthai Mon 01-Jul-13 18:35:07

Thanks. It's probably the same one.

Kieron79 Mon 01-Jul-13 18:00:41

Hi, not sure as was in house when we bought it, it's standard size though

tungthai Mon 01-Jul-13 16:35:46

When did you buy it Kieron?

It looks very similar to our cooker which is on its last legs and I can't find a replacement. Ours is also a Di Longi but 10 years old and has been discontinued.

quoteunquote Mon 01-Jul-13 15:54:39

you can take your own photos so they are not rushed,

Then you can follow the sun around the building, that way you can dress each room as you go.

I agree with losing one sofa, and having a single chair it will free the space up.

Aren't bridging loans very expensive?

78bunion Mon 01-Jul-13 15:46:13

Another option is a bridging loan - buy before you've sold.

Kieron79 Mon 01-Jul-13 15:33:18

WOW, very in depth advice, much appreciated! Going to take it on board, fresh set of eyes on something helps a lot! Thank you! Cooker is a DeLonghi

tungthai Mon 01-Jul-13 15:25:53

Can I ask what model your cooker is?


PopiusTartius Mon 01-Jul-13 15:24:08

I don't understand though, you've been on with that agent for 4 weeks now and they haven't come round to take their own photos yet?

tungthai Mon 01-Jul-13 15:23:09

I love your house. I wish it was 300 miles further south and I would snap it up.

It is very well presented but I agree with the poster who said that the pictures show off your furniture rather than the rooms.

quoteunquote Mon 01-Jul-13 15:17:54

Usually when I look at these I cringe as I can see so many things that jump out, but on the whole you have done a great job of house,

but you want some straight input on things that will make a big difference to buyers relationship with the house.

picture one,

curb appeal, your house looks well kept from the first photo, but bland and un rememberable,

simple improvements suggestions,

Two very large pots either side of the door with something tall and structural growing in them, planted with colour around the bottom,

the brick wall with the window in to the left of the garage, could do with some roses growing up it, make a boarder along that wall, put some mature planting and plenty of colour.

what do you use the gravel area for?

could you put some boarders along inside the perimeter walls, and get planting, your neighbours house has lots going on, it makes yours look bare, foliage and colour.

even a standard tree/rose(yellow) in the middle of the triangle grass, in a small circular bed with some plants around the bottom would be a quick fix, to make that space less bland.

picture two,

lovely sunlight, turn the shade for the purpose of this picture we see the join, or hold it up out of the way for picture, try to take this again with the sunlight.

picture three,

Is there a better time of day to take this picture does it get direct sunlight at any time of day?

it feels slightly cluttered, the sofas are too big for the space, or that is the impression from the photo,

the coffee table does not need to be in shot, the floor lamp should be behind the sofa,

the black lamp, is not needed for this picture, it size is making the space look smaller than it is, either centre the brown frame, or put all items on that alcove space to the far right,

picture 4,

move that lamp, I know the base is heavy, (bf has two, i have helped her move six times) there must be a better angle to take a photo from,

get rid of the candle stick for the purposes of this shot, try to lose the the chimney breast and mantle piece.

is there a time when sun floods into this room?

picture 5,

you see the edge of the door, see the edge of the picture, unless your house is falling over photos must be straight, add a special orchid (tasteful pot)something dramatic, as it needs something organic to take your eye to the garden beyond.

picture 6,

hold the camera back against the wall use a wide angle lens, put something funky in the glass cabinet , heinz beans, heinz tomato soup, anything that has an iconic, distinctive
colour, shape logo, dress that wall cabinet, maybe a very nice print tea towel folded and hanging on the cooker.

picture 7, needs to be straight, you can always see what it will look like with the lights on. Oh and the clock should always say 10.10 so it is a smile.

picture 8,

any time of day it gets sunlight? just straighten up and use wide angle.

picture 9,

get rid of the TV, and other stuff on the top of drawers,

try different angles, wide lens, if you can get a shot without neighbours, brilliant, and when the sun is coming in,

picture 10, sunlight and better shots,

picture 11,

mmmmmm wider sunlight and lose the cot, get a travel cot out which you can hide for viewings, and make that room another bedroom. sorry but it does really help.

picture 12, more sun, move the blinds a bit so the neighbours red brick does not jump out at you.

picture 13, all the stuff on the basin and window sill has to go for photo, have it all in a basket and hide for viewing, more sun, and one slat is jumping out as it is squint.

picture 14, centre the shelves for picture, put the basin stuff in basket,

picture 15, a few towels neatly folded (labels away) and put in middle never at the top, loo seat is down so good, amazing how many are photoed up, full loo roll, also good.

picture 16,

It feels as if you ran out of steam in the garden, your home is going to appeal to people who are not going to want to do much to the house, it is not a fixer upper, so you need to tackle this, as it needs to be another completed room,

It's really dark even though it is in sunlight, the lawn looks healthy, I don't think the patio heater brings anything to the look, handy, but we don't need to see it,

fill those beds with a riot of colour, and structural planting

paint some of it, as a quick fix, too much dark stained wood, and no plant life. even some big pots with herbs and colour will make that end space nicer, a jug of pimms and a couple of glasses won't hurt on the table, and a nice pot with marigolds. you want it to look like it is hard to drag yourself out of the garden room.

picture 7, fill those beds with colour, dress that table, get rid of heater and make sure it is sunny,

and what is missing, any shots back down the garden? are you avoiding something?

and your garage, a big selling point, empty it out, clean paint and dress it as a very usable space, take a photo, then refill it with the stuff you are storing, at least the buyers then have an image in their heads.

it will sell, don't worry but if you could do that last push and bring the front and back spaces up to the same standard as the inside, it will help the buyers to fall in love.

FairPhyllis Mon 01-Jul-13 14:30:03

You really do need to remove the sofa if you can't reposition it. If that corner is filled with a media unit it's even more important you free up some more space. Just put it in the garage with the lamp for the duration. If you replace it with a small armchair it won't look strange, and it will probably make a massive difference in terms of getting people through the door.

Kieron79 Mon 01-Jul-13 14:19:18

Thanks for the feedback, EA booked in to take photos on Thursday so will try with rearranging best I can. Will see how they come out and hopefully get a few more viewings from it, agree about arco lamp, thats getting put into the garage tonight!!If it wouldnt look strange I would remove a sofa too, Would love to be able to put sofa at 90 degress as suggested but thats where our tv and media unit is, agree pics arent showing thew house to best of ability in terms of space.

QuintessentialOldDear Mon 01-Jul-13 14:13:54

I would put into storage the second two seater sofa and maybe just get an arm chair and a coffee table instead. You have two sofas, one hiding a side unit, the second wedged in next to the fireplace, up against the wall, and on the other side what looks like a corner of a wall. It looks like you need to squeeze in between a corner and the sofa to get a dining area so minuscule that the lamp needs to be placed infront of the living room sofa.

One dining chair is wedged right up against the sofa, and with no space to sit at the table, it looks like you can chose between seating three people, or not having access to the garden.

HormonalHousewife Mon 01-Jul-13 13:49:25

The photos on the whole are rubbish.

Less is more - who wants or needs a photo of the loo ?

Its not decluttering you need to do, the house looks good, just better rearrangement purely for the photo taking.

Show off the space and not the furniture.

FairPhyllis Mon 01-Jul-13 13:41:43

You need better photos - in particular of the living/dining room, and the main bedroom.

The problem is that the living room in particular looks tiny - it looks as though the sofas are too large for the space. Could you move the sofa on the left to that wall opposite the fireplace? So the sofas are at 90 degrees to each other? It would allow you to see the full length of the room and would make the dining space look usable. Take out the arc lamp - it's too big for the space and is making it look smaller - and that box thing on the left of the fireplace.

If you can't rearrange the bed to have more space at its foot then take out the mirror and the chest of drawers.

CatharinaZ Mon 01-Jul-13 13:27:39

What does it say in the contract re minimum time you're signed up with the EA for? I think 6 weeks was average when we moved a few years ago but it varied

QuintessentialOldDear Mon 01-Jul-13 13:26:10

Not sure why you got snippy at posters down there, OP. It is true, the photos are terrible. The close ups on your furniture makes the house look really cramped and small. Like the photographer have nowhere to stand to make decent photos! I would not view the property on the basis of these photos. The decor is lovely and the house looks like it is in a good nick. It just looks really small and cramped.

ouryve Mon 01-Jul-13 13:16:39

I'd say I'm tempted, but it's wrong side of the Tyne and no bigger, overall, than our 2 bed terrace. If that square footage didn't include the garage, then it's the sort of house that would go on our for consideration list. No plans to move for a couple of years at least, anyhow.

Kieron79 Mon 01-Jul-13 13:08:42

You know I agree, everyone uses rightmove and I think this has made estate agents lazy. We love our house but we are just growing out of it and need to move up the ladder.

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 01-Jul-13 12:20:58

Why are you moving you're house is lovely smile
We are in the exact same situation but only had 3 viewings so far. I know the house we want will sell soon- it's a bargain seller moving abroad so knocked 20k off but my oh has his heart set on it- to have any chance we need to sell this within a month I think it will take a lot longer

Choccywoccydodah Mon 01-Jul-13 12:15:01


Choccywoccydodah Mon 01-Jul-13 12:14:32

Kieron, EA are just frikkin useless. We're selling ours as I mentioned, but it's only been on less than 2 weeks.
However, we also own property to let. We've been to see 2 potential rental houses over the last 2 weeks, and we haven't had a single phonecall from the agents following up our viewings, so obviously they just now wait for you to call with feedback instead of doing their job!
One we are going to put in a offer on, but really they should be at least calling to see if we were ingested, want another viewing etc.
All they are is a shop window IMO!

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