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I love my house...

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superlambanana Thu 27-Jun-13 00:07:43

We moved in this week. It has mould, desperately needs a new kitchen and bathroom, roof needs redoing, and about a hundred other things. But I love it!!!!

Sorry.... Just needed to share!!

VBisme Thu 27-Jun-13 00:09:06

Me too super, it's got single glazing, electric heating, no gas and a septic tank, moved in last week and I'm thrilled grin

CoolStoryBro Thu 27-Jun-13 00:11:35

Me too! When we moved in, the a/c unit packed in within 2 days, we had poison ivy all over the garden and the kitchen is literally an 80s throwback that should have been destroyed a long time ago. I love every single thing about it.


superlambanana Thu 27-Jun-13 11:21:28

Good, not just me then! I loved my old house but this one is just miles better. Just don't quite know where I start fixing it up...

CuddyMum Thu 27-Jun-13 12:03:15

Me too! It's our first period property. I can't imagine why we've never lived in a house like this before! I love it. Yes, there are things to do but it's fab.

littlecrystal Thu 27-Jun-13 13:00:25

Can you tell me what's your secret? I have a fab house but just do not love it!

Bakingnovice Thu 27-Jun-13 13:34:44

Yes what's the secret. We are in the process of buying and I'm scared its going to be one big mistake!

CuddyMum Thu 27-Jun-13 15:41:55

I think the secret is that this house actually did have "the feeling" when we viewed it.

MoreBeta Thu 27-Jun-13 16:09:21

What!!!??? shock

Are you lot possessed?

I hate my house. Its taking over my life and I only bought it less than 2 months ago.

I came home to DW today and announced "I need a drink and Plan B". I've had the drink but Plan B is looking a lot like having to engage with DIY - and that is not a good plan as I have never actually owned a house or ever painted anything let alone lifted a trowel.

Its uninhabitable and I have just had 2 sets of plumbers pull out on me because its 'too big a job' for them and the main contractor is very illusive to say the least. The Conservation Officer is all over me and I found two of his assistants literally hovering unannounced outside the gate this morning with a clipboard. The insurance company say they have reduced the cover as I am not living there and won't be for months.

I have a sealed room full of rubble and household goods in the basement, the bees are building some kind of mutant spawn colony above the kitchen and there is asbestos in the chimney that I have to remove as no one else will go near it just in case.

Sparklegeek Thu 27-Jun-13 18:32:26

We have done the opposite, gone from Edwardian with period features brand spanking new. Well, I say new - used to be a bungalow, now 3 storeys, so very little left of what was there!

8 weeks after moving in I still sigh with pleasure every time I turn onto the drive. I said to DH that I have loved all our houses up to now...but I am soooo thrilled with this one smile

Mum2Fergus Thu 27-Jun-13 19:49:13

Love our house too! It's very 70s throughout...complete with wood hip wallpaper! Have no idea where to start with it...but it's mine, and Im planning to be here for a long long time. I sit at night staring at all its cracks and blemishes, loving every one of them lol

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