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Buyers support thread - stressed? Worried? Stuck in a chain? Gazumped? Well come and join us here

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Bakingnovice Tue 25-Jun-13 12:31:54

I can't see if there is already a thread like this so here goes..

We finally upped our offer enough for it to be accepted on our dream house. It's been stressful so far and this is just the beginning. We have had so many let downs: vendor changing mind, vendor getting higher offer etc and we hope this sale goes through smoothly. We've been looking for years. Come and join me if you're buying and equally stressed....

Lagoonablue Tue 19-Nov-13 17:57:25

Oh. Piglet what a nightmare. We are also trying to exchange this week. Our buyers keep threatening to pull out as things are going slowly and the top of the chain is an elderly lady who seems to be really dragging her feet......

Plus found out today that DH is in a potential redundancy situation.....felt like pulling out myself but we are taking the risk and hoping for the best. If we don't move now we never will. Plus we have to. Have 2 bedrooms and 2 kids so need the space. We are at an age where the mortgage terms are getting shorter iyswim. Basically we are near 50 so 25 yr mortgages are out. Every year we leave it makes it more difficult and will extend our debt into retirement.

I will get some return on an old endowment policy in 2015 so at least can reduce some of the mortgage then......


123rd Tue 19-Nov-13 18:06:19

Oh cripes lagoon. Why is it sooo flipping difficult. These transactions happen everyday of the week. Why can't the "professionals" get it together ?
So far our buyers are being ok-really hope that continues. But I feel guilty even tho our hands are tied and I'm actively chasing everyone everyday.
We have cash buyers, we are moving to an unoccupied property. The most straightforward easy chain you can get ... But oh no hmm

pigleychez Tue 19-Nov-13 18:46:46

Willie- Not sure what really but it just seems so long winded. You would think in this day and age of computers that they would be able to co-ordinate it better. There must be some other simpler way of doing things.

Anyway! We finally exchanged today! All set to move on the 6th now. Feels like forever but we sold this house on the 20 Sept so thats only 2 months really! Removal company are all booked. Apparently we need the 'big' team so 4 guys doing the moving.
Really should get a wriggle on with the packing now!

Trying to sort out schooling for DD1 has been abit stressful too as out of 6 of the new local schools I rang about places only 1 can accommodate her! Lets hope no one takes that space before us or iv'e no idea what happens next!!

pigleychez Tue 19-Nov-13 18:47:33

Lagoon- How horrible, fingers crossed for your husband. Hope you exchange soon too!

SweetCicely Tue 19-Nov-13 20:46:00

Good news... Our offer accepted this morning! First viewing on Saturday afternoon, second yesterday, and now we're beginning the process of buying it. Seems like it's all happened pretty quickly!

We had to offer the asking price, as the price has just dropped by £10k and the vendors turned down an offer the day before at £4,950 less... Just hope it all works out and doesn't fall through!

I've no idea what we've got to do next though! confused Stop looking at Rightmove from now on, I think...

I've updated our mortgage advisor, sent across copies of all of the documents he requested (bank statements, passports, proof of address, etc.) and emailed a couple of local conveyancers for quotes, as the estate agent is keen for this information ASAP and our mortgage advisor said it was required for the application. Is there anything else I ought to be doing?!

Hope everyone else is getting on OK! grin

kronenborg Wed 20-Nov-13 08:58:46

still biting our fingers down to the knuckles.

recap: buying a repossession at massively below market value.
offer accepted by board of asset management company, but as with all repossessions, property has stayed on open market with extensive marketing efforts (including sunday times!!) and publication of our accepted offer price.

mortgage arranged. bank valuation conducted. full survey conducted. contracts prepared. deposit transferred to solicitor.

just waiting for my solicitor to deal with one final query from our mortgage lender about pedestrian access to a side gate, then we SHOULD be able to exchange today...

i'm beginning to crack up!

Lagoonablue Wed 20-Nov-13 09:53:38

Good luck!

BogStandardOldWoman Wed 20-Nov-13 13:23:07

Congrats Pigley and Cicely! Fingers crossed Lagoona, sorry you're in such a difficult situation. And good luck Kronen, let us know if you exchange!
Am getting excited about Monday move day now, seem to have a massive list of things to do! Going to try and do a link to the part 2 thread now..

BogStandardOldWoman Wed 20-Nov-13 13:24:22

BogStandardOldWoman Wed 20-Nov-13 13:24:38

Did it work??

Lagoonablue Wed 20-Nov-13 16:46:42


Am bloody fed up. Finally got an agreed date between all parties for completion. Sols waiting to exchange, waiting for the difficult top of chain to get her arse into gear and return paperwork. In meantime my buyers keep sending e mails to EA threatening to pull, phoning her etc. I appreciate they want to move but so do we! We are so near the end now so why would they pull out now. Am praying they are bluffing.

Honestly I could cry.......

BogStandardOldWoman Wed 20-Nov-13 17:35:21

Oh Lagoona, I bet they are bluffing. Ours did that to us too, but stuck with it in the end. After all it will take them months longer to move if the start all over again now, plus they will have paid out hundreds by now which they will lose if they pull out. I really feel your pain, it is horrible. Hug.

OneStepCloserIWillExterminate Wed 20-Nov-13 17:49:10

Lagoona hold tight, some buyers just play silly games, we`ve had nightmare week, so bad I couldnt even post on here sad. All ready to exchange after waiting over a month for buyers mortgage, us and our sellers have been really patient about it all but made it clear we wanted to complete by a certain date.

So, ready to exchange and they came up with a load of exquiries etc (which is their right naturally) but why wait all this time! It all could have been sorted whilst we were waiting for their mortgage angry I thought it was all off at the start of the week. Luckily, our solicitor has managed to sort them, so hopefully thats that.

If they bring up anything else now I know they are buying for time. Just mucks everyone around doesnt it.

123rd Wed 20-Nov-13 18:09:56

Oh lagoona...pass me the tissues...and I will cry on your shoulder. We still haven't heard a yes or no to if the house will be cleared. Our buyers have now said its either nov or they have to wait till the new year. So my DH has proper thrown his toys out of the pram and phoned both sets of EA and told them in NO uncertain terms that if our sol doesn't have written confirmation by close of play fri that we can all complete on 13 dec then we walk away gutted. On one had I think we are cutting our nose off to spite our face as what will two extra weeks. ( although that will make it about 6 months from start to finish. Which is ridiculous with such a short chain) but on the other sod it... No one else seems to be doing anything.
Bog-I'm very jealous. Sure you will get it all done before Monday

123rd Wed 20-Nov-13 18:11:07

One step sorry you are having a rough time.

Lagoonablue Wed 20-Nov-13 18:12:33

Thanks for hug old woman and ugh your situation one step sounds horrific too.

Thought I was prepared for all of this when we started but it has been worse than Inthiught. It is a stupid way to do things.

Fingers crossed for everyone!

Lagoonablue Wed 20-Nov-13 18:14:06 stressful

BogStandardOldWoman Wed 20-Nov-13 18:49:04

FFS! There is no good reason for you all to be going through this utter shit. It gives me the rage. There must be a better way! Should we petition parliament or something?
Kronen - did you exchange??

BogStandardOldWoman Wed 20-Nov-13 19:00:13

Can anyone clever make my link clickable?

OneStepCloserIWillExterminate Wed 20-Nov-13 19:01:14

Thanks all thanks Double crap here as MIL died and IL family being utter shits, so it looks as though funeral and day of icy hell on Monday and move on Friday.

Seriously, the UK need to sort this house buying out, some people play mini gods with peoples lives dont they, so much stress for everyone. 123, your DH is right, someone needs to make a stand in your chain. Ive thrown my toys many times this week, and until its signed, sealed and delivered I probably will again. We are sitting amongst boxes but Ive been to worried to carry on.

Oh, and just to add into the mix, Thames Water decided last Monday to dig the road up outside our house, the whole road until January shock they forgot to tell anyone! But, I said to dh this is why we`re paying a shedload for removals, so lets not worry about it, luckily they are bringing 5 men and seem unbothered by it.

I`d like to think in the not to distant future we can come back on here and have a virtual wine or three.

busybee2013 Wed 20-Nov-13 20:05:08

Can i join to vent by frustration? I am FTB and currently renting a flat. I made an offer on a house (it was above asking price due to bidding) which was accepted 3 months ago. Everything went smoothly and exchange date was fixed for 1st week of Nov and completion date a week after.

DH and I signed contract, transferred deposit to our solicitor, took 2 weeks off work to prepare for the move, cancelled our work related travels, informed landlord that we are moving out in 3 weeks, packed away boxes like crazy!....then NOTHING happened on the exchange call from EA... until next day. EA finally called to inform that it is chain of 5 houses (it was never clear when it changed from chain of 3 to 5) and a vendor below top of the chain is mum-daughter delaying the process. Apparently, the daughter just delivered a baby. Moreover, the mum-daughter have a solicitor each. And the mum also has different solicitor for buying and selling- this is making it more complicated and causing further delays. When my solicitor contacted their solicitors directly, he was told another story- that vendor is still waiting for some queries to be cleared. Now am confused, if this means the chain is not finalized yet?

Meanwhile, my landlord has put the flat in the market and the flat is having viewings since last week sad

My seller seems not in a hurry, nor wants to move out to rent (as they have small children). No1 in the chain seem to be bothered by the delay!sad it's been 2 weeks since the missed exchange date. We are desperate to move and DH has given an ultimatum, but it had had no effect! ...... DH is serious about pulling out even if we look money, but I like the house and cannot imagine starting all over again sad(

..not sure what to do next...How long should we wait?

123rd Wed 20-Nov-13 21:01:56

Hey Busy. Welcome. Christ only knows is the answer to your question hmm we saw the house we love at the start of aug. we have a cash buyer for our current place. The house we want is unoccupied. And yet we are having loads if issues. Tonight my Dh has given an ultimatum. Don't really think its going to make any difference either. Hope yours turns out well.
Does it not make any difference that you have signed contracts -or was that not exchanging them?

hefner Wed 20-Nov-13 21:21:23

Grr, I knew it was going too well. We accepted an offer on our house 9 weeks ago then struggled to find somewhere to buy. Finally had an offer accepted last week and applied for mortgage, ordered searches etc. Felt really pleased it was finally underway and thought our buyers would be almost ready to exchange by now. Then had a phone call today to say that the buyer has instructed a survey. WTF has she been doing for the last 9 weeks if she's only just got round to ordering a survey?! We can only afford our next property if we get the amount she offered for ours so the whole thing could go tits up if she asks to reduce the price after survey.

Congrats to piglet and Cicely and good luck kronen. Lagoona I bet your buyers are bluffing, they'd be stupid to pull out now. OneStep sorry you're having such a rough time. 123rd what a nightmare, hope you manage to get everyone to agree on a completion date.

MILdesperandum Wed 20-Nov-13 21:26:08

see you on the new thread

hefner Wed 20-Nov-13 21:27:18

Vent away busybee. I would think it would be quicker to wait for your chain to sort itself out rather than pulling out and starting again, but god knows how long it will take. I've learned from this thread that nothing is ever simple in house buying!

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