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What colour is your hallway?

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LittleMilla Tue 25-Jun-13 09:55:41

I need some inspiration. Being replastered this week and then we need to paint ASAP as DS2 is due in a few weeks.

I like the idea of a grey/sagey green/off white, but obviously not all together grin.

MmeLindor Tue 25-Jun-13 23:55:48

yes, Johnstones. Here is a pic Doors not painted yet, will be white

We have a lot of light when the doors are open, and a huge lamp in the stairwell. It looks amazing.

Reastie Wed 26-Jun-13 07:54:55

Iwillsleep we had exactly that combination in our back hall in our old house!

We have William Morris wallpaper which is yellow in our hall. We inherited it when we moved in. It's OK but it's getting really tatty so we're hoping to redecorate but there's very well painted woodchip underneath the wallpaper so not sure what to do confused

JoyMachine Wed 26-Jun-13 23:48:12

Ooh- that is looking fab Mme!

Our new house is so dingy, it's really getting to me now. Needs paler greys I think... though anything's better than all this BROWN!

MmeLindor Thu 27-Jun-13 08:25:30

If you click through the pics, there should be one of the bedroom, which is a lighter grey. It is Cornforth White, and really lovley.

lightrain Thu 27-Jun-13 10:01:05

Littlemilla, your hallway is very similar to mine. We painted it a gorgeous grey colour (b&q's own, called light rain, hence my username). I am always recommending it on here as we're so pleased with it. We got a new carpet up the stairs (hallway has stripped floorboards), its a neutral colour. Door is painted white on the inside like yours. Banister is dark wood, spindles white. Looks fabulous if I do say so myself!

williaminajetfighter Thu 27-Jun-13 10:05:27

Little Greene's French grey (light). Very nice.

LittleMilla Thu 27-Jun-13 13:24:15

Picked up a load of testers based on the suggestions here so will give them a whirl over the coming days.

Thanks all for suggestions.

Penniepitstop Thu 27-Jun-13 14:56:20

French Grey Pale by Little Greene Paint Company, changes colour throughout the day depending on the light.

TheOriginalSteamingNit Thu 27-Jun-13 14:57:43

Dulux Jasmine White and Timeless are pretty much interchangeable - we use them in all rooms/areas that are white. Hall landing and stairs are among these, and I like it.

JoyMachine Thu 27-Jun-13 22:46:43

Mme- I may be being stupid, but I cannot click through your photos!
Do you have to be logged into twitter to do that?

MmeLindor Mon 01-Jul-13 15:00:47

Joy - not sure. If you PM me, I will email you them

LittleMilla Mon 01-Jul-13 21:34:54

Really liked jasmine white and found a b&q velspar version that is grey vs green. Gone on today and it looks great - pleased we didn't go any darker (plus realised that we're wimps re:colour!).

Will post up pics once dh has painted woodwork and we get new carpet down.

puffylovett Wed 03-Jul-13 17:12:32

We have f and b cornforth white, I bloody love it. Not in the
Estate emulsion though, that was bad advice by the shop salesman hmm
It looks almost an oystery pinky colour in certain light.
Dark Victorian hallway here too. We have deep red stripey runner up the stairs and a black and white check Minton floor.

Madamecastafiore Wed 03-Jul-13 17:14:17


Is big room though with white floor and lots of doors.

Have gone for red highlights with soft furnishings and in pictures.

EarlyInTheMorning Wed 03-Jul-13 18:11:29

Dulux Pebble Drift 5

myron Wed 03-Jul-13 21:07:30

Skimming stone which is slightly darker than slipper satin -what we painted the study, utility and cloakroom in. Sitting room is Blue gray which is actually More green but it's a beautiful colour!

I wanted Natural Hessian after a thread on here but it was a bit dark - dp is currently painting it in Natural Wicker.

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