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Lovely house for sale, but picture 11 made me pmsl

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TerribleTantrums Fri 21-Jun-13 13:27:37

Way out of my price range but near my friend's house so I had a look out of curiosity. I bet those sign-post things cost a fortune but it would have to go if it was my house. Here. I mean, really, how likely is anyone to get lost and need direction in less than an acre?

hermioneweasley Fri 21-Jun-13 20:27:55

There's a weird lack of photos of inside the house. And too many of the ornamental bridge.

GemmaTeller Fri 21-Jun-13 20:33:54

This trophy home will appeal to the epicurean purchaser seeking a spatial home of supreme distinction

what the what now?

AdiosMuffinTop Fri 21-Jun-13 20:35:50

I like it. I'll take it.

AdiosMuffinTop Fri 21-Jun-13 20:37:20

You know what I don't like? not the sign, that is fine, it's the little bridge which is a copy of the bridge at the botanic gardens, but in the botanic gardens it looks just right surround by beautiful plants and flowers. It looks a bit stark in the middle of an immature garden.

AdiosMuffinTop Fri 21-Jun-13 20:38:55

Gemmateller, I missed that, thanks for the laugh!!!

LondonBus Fri 21-Jun-13 20:43:48

The bridge is awful.

I've never disliked a bridge before.

newtonupontheheath Fri 21-Jun-13 20:50:17

It reads like that episode of Friends when Joey uses a thesaurus to choose better words for his letter/speech!

decaffwithcream Fri 21-Jun-13 20:52:01

I think they nicked the bridge from the Japenese gardens in Kildare.

Tis tres Celtic Tiger indeed.

Happyasapiginshite Fri 21-Jun-13 22:01:23

Adios, that lovely green bridge in the botanics is gone, I'm sad to report. There's a shiny new bridge in its place.

Hassled Fri 21-Jun-13 22:05:32

I took one look and thought Celtic Tiger grin

The bridge is the same as the one in Powerscourt, isn't it?

Chunkamatic Fri 21-Jun-13 22:39:13

Oh my god that is pure shite!

AdiosMuffinTop Fri 21-Jun-13 22:39:50

oh your kidding? Yes, powerscourt is more my direction than glasnevin.

I like this myself this is cheaper too but bray might be a bit rough for the good folk of Rathmichael.

AdiosMuffinTop Fri 21-Jun-13 22:44:36

and, this house has also been on the market for about five years! I have it in my basket favourites ! I think I might put in an offer. If your first offer doesn't offend it 's not low enough right?

AdiosMuffinTop Fri 21-Jun-13 22:44:55


Manchesterhistorygirl Fri 21-Jun-13 22:47:06

The banisters, copied from the titanic.

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Fri 21-Jun-13 22:48:50

The sign is well naff - however, it isn't its biggest problem by a long shot. 2 million euro... ha fecking ha.

AdiosMuffinTop Fri 21-Jun-13 22:50:24

and my favourite, I couldn't leave this view This is in my favourites too.

joanofarchitrave Fri 21-Jun-13 22:50:57

Urgh to the first one. Low ceilings, doors from Wickes economy range (just like our house, but we didn't pay a million for it) and what looks like an exercise yard surrounding it.

Yum to Ardara. Though I would find myself saying 'Captain's Log Stardate 3010' every time I sat in that study chair.

AdiosMuffinTop Fri 21-Jun-13 22:51:55

grin yum indeed uhura

MadBusLady Sat 22-Jun-13 11:58:30

Wow, it has a faux-castle gate! See pic 12. I've never seen solid stone made to look like stone cladding before.

MostlyLovingLurchers Sat 22-Jun-13 12:09:57

I thought the bridge was more inspired by In The Night Garden rather than the botanic gardens - it goes over the little path to Makka Pakka's house and everything! I think the sign post would be the only thing i'd keep - it's hysterical.

GemmaTeller Sat 22-Jun-13 13:39:19

I think I quite like the house blush

I would definately get a gardener in to fill up all those beds and borders.

It would look better once I've added:

ye olde boxers and their massive beanbag
ye olde boxers outside toys, paddling pool and trampoline (yes really!)
ye olde craft room for me
ye olde recording studio for dh
ye olde ironing and laundry pile
ye olde daughter home from uni plus son and dil on a visit

MissStrawberry Sat 22-Jun-13 13:49:20

Not enough photos. Didn't see bathrooms, kitchen or downstairs loo. And only one bedroom.

Sign post would be better without the yon crap.

How much is it in £'s?

nowahousewife Sat 22-Jun-13 14:01:29

MissStrawberry, it doesn't have pohto's of the kitchen because I don't think there is one fitted! EA's blurb reads "Large kitchen/dining room plumbed for Aga and gas". Don't know much about the property market in Ireland but here in West London for £2m we expect to have a kitchen included in the price wink

A very ugly house!

EleanorFarjeon Sat 22-Jun-13 20:15:46

'pathways scattered with seating where occupiers can sit' grin

That is one fugly house. Those stair balustrades are just hideous.

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