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How long did your extension/renovation take from start to finish?

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wildstrawberryplace Fri 21-Jun-13 10:12:23

About to buy a house that has planning permission in place for a smallish extension. We want to do that work but also extend the kitchen to create a kitchen/dining/family room.

The architect has said 6 months estimate to do the original work, or 12 months if we want to submit new plans and do the kitchen as well.

I was hoping to get it all done by Christmas! Am I being unrealistic here?

How long did yours take and if I may ask, was there anything that slowed it down in particular? Architect seems to think the actual build will take 3 months, so it's the plans, planning, tender etc that is going to take 9 months. Seems bloody slow to me confused.

dinkystinky Fri 21-Jun-13 10:14:51

7 months - side return and rear extension, new loft room and second floor bathroom, reconfiguring rooms on first and ground floor. It was originally meant to be 6 months but once you open up a house theres no telling what you'll find.

dinkystinky Fri 21-Jun-13 10:15:43

Sorry - planning stage was another couple of months on top of that

wildstrawberryplace Fri 21-Jun-13 10:23:55

Thanks. The thing that puzzles me is all the tricky stuff (roofline extension, dormers, moving gable, reconfiguring internal supporting walls) can be done in 6 months. The kitchen would just be a bog standard square single storey job...but it will take until next July.

dinkystinky Fri 21-Jun-13 10:35:20

Its the second fit that takes a hell of a long time - the main structural work was done after about 4 months.

noyouhavehadawee Fri 21-Jun-13 16:41:14

two storey extension on back , planning granted early November and started next day and completed mid February and that year it snowed a lot grin

Furball Fri 21-Jun-13 16:44:03

We had a single storey, side and back and it took about 4 months

middleagedspread Fri 21-Jun-13 17:24:41

Took us a year last time
3 months to get plans drawn up & get planning
1 month to tender building work
4 months to wait for builder to start
4 months building work

I felt we were always waiting for something.

pearlgirl Fri 21-Jun-13 17:33:27

Submitted plans for ground floor extension - removal of internal walls, wrap around one storey extension incorporating toilet, utility room and refitted kitchen - plans through in three months - builder started in early Jan and completely finished by beginning of April. Just used same firm for loft extension - planning applied for early Dec, through at beginning of February, builders started on April 16th, all done bar the decorating seven weeks later - two dormers, two bedrooms, bathroom, new boiler, new gutters, chimney removed and ridge tiles all repointed. Was expecting to take longer but they worked quickly.

pearlgirl Fri 21-Jun-13 17:34:42

That makes it sound like we have done loads recently - the first lot of work was seven years ago.

wildstrawberryplace Fri 21-Jun-13 18:17:01

So it looks like I should hope for 9 months but not count on it...

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