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Pine kitchen: what colour should we paint it?

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CinnamonAddict Sat 22-Jun-13 09:52:15

ceres, sorry, I thought emulsion meant it's not washable.

ceres Sat 22-Jun-13 08:50:06

"Emulsion on a wooden kitchen? You will not be able to wipe it down without wiping the emulsion off. Unless you use some clear acrylic sealer (at least 2 coats) on top."

we had our kitchen put in 6 years ago. i ordered it primed but not pained as i hate spray painted finish in kitchens. i painted it myself as i didn't trust anyone else to do it properly. i used a washable matt emulsion. it is still perfect - although i am planning on painting it again this summer as i fancy a change.

when i had my kitchen my mum had her kitchen doors replaced by the same company. she had them spray pained and they now look awful - chipped and warped.

nothing wrong with emulsion so long as you use a good quality, washable paint and apply it well.

PigletJohn Fri 21-Jun-13 22:16:57

paint over varnish is not very successful. Paint over oil or wax far worse.

Find a speciaialist local paint merchant, ask what they recommend. Zinsser producs are usually very good for tricky jobs.

Fashionable suppliers like Farrowing Balls or Little Green Men may not be the best choice.

AdiosMuffinTop Fri 21-Jun-13 20:42:58

although now considering that duck egg blue too.

AdiosMuffinTop Fri 21-Jun-13 20:41:20

I know what you mean. I had my heart set on grey cupboards but the floor is brown tiles. So with a bit of regret now I think a kind of mushroom.

echt Fri 21-Jun-13 08:56:47

Is the pine sealed? Of not, then you have to seal the knots to stop them bleeding into your paint.

fossil971 Thu 20-Jun-13 22:22:28

We have Tracery II in Oil Eggshell. Undercoat and 2 topcoats. No chips so far, quite matt, nice to paint with. It's got more green in it than I initially expected, although it dries to a duller colour than the fresh paint, TBH I'd go for a slightly more grey colour if I was you. We were stuck with our terracotta floor too but it looks much better with calm colours on units and walls.

Varnished pine comes up nicely if you clean it thoroughly then a light sanding down. I followed the advice here but since he's redone the website I can't find the exact page. Use a small roller and then tip off lightly with a brush, basically.

Then get someone to sand your worktops down, a couple of coats of Osmo oil and you'll have a gorgeous country kitchen, your only choice will be tiles and door handles smile.

CinnamonAddict Thu 20-Jun-13 22:21:07

hm, you could sand them down and stain them with a dark oil. would look good against light cupboards and wall tiles.
Good luck with your project.

WinkyWinkola Thu 20-Jun-13 22:11:07

Worktops are same - gingery pine.

CinnamonAddict Thu 20-Jun-13 22:05:00

Emulsion on a wooden kitchen? You will not be able to wipe it down without wiping the emulsion off. Unless you use some clear acrylic sealer (at least 2 coats) on top.

I would probably go for white or grey paint for the cabinets (oil based) and a mix of grey/blue metro tiles. I wouldn't choose green tiles because of the redish floor tiles, but pale blue, grey and white shouldn't clash.

We have grey painted kitchen cabinets, I love them. We have wooden floor and worktops and glass splashbacks.

What colour is the worktop?
My sil has painted floor tiles with special paint, looked very good and lastes years. Just in case you can't get the hang of the red.

WinkyWinkola Thu 20-Jun-13 22:04:40

Greeny gray sounds lovely. I fancy a new dresser in that colour too. grin

fossil971 Thu 20-Jun-13 22:00:00

Actually we have a greeny grey with terracotta tiles. They set each other off very nicely IMO. Duck egg blue would be nice too. Go for some tester pots! You could do tiles in either a stronger or paler toning colour, maybe not exactly the same.

devonsmummy Thu 20-Jun-13 21:58:20

I'd say if the green of the tiles is nice then match that or a warm cream

didireallysaythat Thu 20-Jun-13 21:54:27

Try painting inside a door if you're not sure of the colour....

WinkyWinkola Thu 20-Jun-13 21:24:11

Ginger is definitely the right word, Showtime.

7to25, if I went for a blue, do you think I should do metro tiles in same shade?

I have no clue about this. I've never had the chance to play with colours like this and I don't want to make a pig's ear!

7to25 Thu 20-Jun-13 21:20:35

All shades of blue should go with the terracotta floor.

Showtime Thu 20-Jun-13 21:08:06

Last house had built-in pine double wardrobe, which I wiped down and lightly covered with Magnolia emulsion, one coat only. The ginger colour disappeared but grain still showed through and I thought it was so much better, I didn't go any further. Suggest you give it a try, you could always wipe off emulsion if not attractive.

WinkyWinkola Thu 20-Jun-13 21:02:10

We are moving soon.

The kitchen in the house is reclaimed pine. I can't afford to replace it.

It's all a bit brown tbh. The floor tiles are varying shades of terracotta, the pine brown kitchen and green, pink and cream tiles.

So, whilst I love duck egg blue, sage green etc, I'm not sure those colours would work with the reddish hues of the floor tiles.

I'd like to replace the wall tiles too.

So, what colour do you think?

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