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Parking saga

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Gibbo24 Sat 22-Jun-13 23:19:18

Blimey EMUZ... Yours sounds way worse than mine! People are seriously bonkers. Some people probably think I am for getting wound up, but I pay my bloody mortgage and the parking is one of the things I liked about the house!

I would park there instead, but he is ALWAYS there when I get back. I'm convinced he hangs out round a corner and waits for me to go out... Have just come home to a blocked space. Again. sigh

Reckon the police will just say it's a civil matter. No highway is being blocked and as it's private land they won't intervene. The moped idea is gaining ground!!

rockybalboa Fri 21-Jun-13 21:08:10

Yep, call the police 101 number and have a word with your local PCSO.

primallass Fri 21-Jun-13 20:57:39

Start parking in that space instead wink

EMUZ Fri 21-Jun-13 01:12:26

Might be worth having a word with local community police officer for advice. I had a problem with people actually parking in my allocated space. It's numbered with my house no but as its away from my property it got treated like a visitor space
Honestly? That got nasty and I had to be really, really harsh to the point of coming home from work at 1am and ringing doorbells to find who the car belonged to. I've also parked behind them and blocked them in, as well as just leaning on my horn until someone comes out
Probably get flamed for this but after 13 months of notes being ignored, people refusing to move and having to walk 300m with no street lights at 3am I lost the plot grin so I know how you feel
The stupid thing is then they started blocking me in (which meant they were blocking a public highway) so then I could ring the police and they were towed wink
Oh and they didnt seem to understand blocking an emergency service worker in so I can't get to work isn't the brightest idea <rage>

Gibbo24 Thu 20-Jun-13 21:10:43

I don't actually know exactly which house he lives in! Fingers crossed I get a new neighbour soon who has a car and isn't an asshole... smile

lalalonglegs Thu 20-Jun-13 20:44:17

Do you think you could bear to go around with a bottle of wine/box of chocolates and apologise for your note, explain that it was a long day, that your daughter had fallen asleep meaning you had to carry her halfway down the road because you couldn't park outside your own house and generally lay it on pretty thick. It might just work (and if it doesn't, key his car doors next time he parks there grin).

Gibbo24 Thu 20-Jun-13 20:19:47

I live in one of those new estates that's not near anything! If a random person parked there, they'd be able to admire a load of houses and nothing else. I suspect it was never marked because it was assumed that no one except residents and their visitors would ever park there!

I guess the police are an option for advice, but my fear is that they'd go and have a word and make the whole thing worse :/

BrienneOfTarth Thu 20-Jun-13 19:41:16

I've never heard of allocated parking that isn't signposted in some way. What's too stop random members of the public parking there as is everyone's right on any public road?

If you have the right to park in a particular place and are being prevented I'd suggest trying to call the local (non emergency) community police support team and see if they can advise you.

Gibbo24 Thu 20-Jun-13 19:33:06

I live in a street that has allocated parking. There are no markings on the parking spaces to indicate which belong to who, but it's very clear in the deeds of the property.

My neighbour abandoned his property some time ago (that's an even longer story!) and so his space has been vacant. A while ago, a bloke from down the road started using it. Tbh, I wouldn't really care about it... But... He frequently parks in a manner that obstructs my drive and means I cannot park there. There's no leeway on the other side of my drive because there's a tree at the front of my garden. I'm friendly with my other neighbour, and so can use their extra space as they only have one car (each property has two, but mine are behind one another so if it's blocked I can't use either).

I left a note in his car, which appeared to work as he started parking more considerately, but then he started blocking my space again. One day I came home to this, and couldn't use my neighbour's as they had visitors. I ended up writing a pretty ranty note, which ended with asking him not to park like an asshole (I know, not a great move) and in return got it put back on my windscreen with "f**k off you c**t" written on the reverse. Pretty intimidating to a woman who lives alone with a small child.

He now appears to make a point of parking so that I can't use my space. As he's not actually parking on my land (although he quite often overlaps onto it, usually only with one wheel as he parks wonkily), there's not a huge amount I can do given that the owner of the property he's parking on is AWOL. What makes it even more annoying is that he has two spaces of his own, which his girlfriend parks her car in the middle of! I can partly understand why he parks elsewhere, they have two massive cars and the spaces are quite narrow, but I never had this problem when the neighbour lived there, and he had the same make of car as this bloke and I had a massive estate (I now have a little Clio!)

Seriously considering buying loads of mopeds and parking them in their spaces and the one next door!

Any thoughts? Sorry for the epic post and rant... It just makes me cross and I hate that he is clearly trying to intimidate me.

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