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Will I regret fitting a smaller sink and drainer?

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jamaisjedors Mon 24-Jun-13 20:19:28

We went from a 1 1/2 to one big sink (IKEA farmhouse one) with no drainer.

I LOVE it, you can wash pans really easily, leave things to soak and still use it, drain vegetables and still have other stuff in the sink.

I have a drainer that sits on the side like the Lakeland one.

LilacBreastedRoller Mon 24-Jun-13 11:52:17

Depth is also a factor. Our sink doesn't look that small, but it's shallow so the water splashes back at you when you run the tap. It's massively annoying.

SquinkiesRule Sun 23-Jun-13 05:59:22

*I want, (not I was.)

SquinkiesRule Sun 23-Jun-13 05:58:17

Bigger the sink the better in my book. I have a pretty large one with a half sink next to it, no draining board.
Next time I do one I was a nice big double sink, I don;t care about a draining board so much, we have a dishwasher, but want a big sink for huge pans and roasters. Dh hates the half sink, and also wants a double. I like those covers you can put over one side too.

Islagiatt Sat 22-Jun-13 21:54:57

A couple of years ago we had new kitchen put in. I was insistent I only wanted a small sink as I only really use it to fill the kettle, rinse things before going in the dishwasher or if absolutely essential washing a roasting tin. The kitchen guy talked me out of it and I had a corner 1 and a 1/2 sink and drainer put in.

I never ever use the 1/2 sink and the drainer is a pita for marks and all I use the sink for is filling the kettle and rinsing before dishwashing.

Stick to you guns and if the dishwasher breaks its paper plates ahoy

EleanorFarjeon Fri 21-Jun-13 23:02:30

Our old kitchen had a small, circular sink with no draining board.

New kitchen has a thwacking great butler sink, still no draining board.

We have a dishwasher.

I can't really see the advantage; but DH, who does all the cooking, raves about it. I liked the look of the weeny sink.

Pannacotta Fri 21-Jun-13 22:57:34

If you are good at drying and putting away things left on your drainer then you might be better off getting a double bowl sink (if you can fit one in) then you can use the second bowl as a prep area if you use a chopping board over it.

wallpaperaddict Fri 21-Jun-13 22:38:08

Lackadaisycal, speaking from experience, when my dishwasher broke down and funds didn't allow for immediate replacement I cursed the sink we currently have! It that situation again, I'd be cursing no matter what sink I have!

wallpaperaddict Fri 21-Jun-13 22:35:02

Well having measured up it would appear that whilst looking smaller, it's exactly the same length as our current 1.5 sink! The only space saved is the rounded edges so it's not worth it! I think I will stay with the style we have now. I don't have any space to put shelves to free up worktop space, really it's all my necessary gadgets that take up lots of space! The kitchen isn't small but it's essentially a galley kitchen with the sink under the window, and my range cooker takes up a fair bit of space that could be worktop, but there's no way I'd be without it!

LackaDAISYcal Fri 21-Jun-13 22:31:40

when your dishwasher breaks down and you have to wait three weeks for the part, you will curse that little round sink at least six times a day (three meals, each requiring at least two lots of washing and drying...)

Monty27 Fri 21-Jun-13 22:26:40

Do you use a mop and bucket, you won't be able to fill it grin

MrsJamin Fri 21-Jun-13 22:19:39

We are planning a new kitchen and I would like a 1.5 normal sink and half sink, but no drainer. You can get some great products to be a put-up drainer (e.g. at lakeland) but I like a worksurface without a drainer as it is pretty useless most of the time, when you could have more worksurface. You would need a proper size rectangular sink to wash large chopping boards or oven trays.

Pannacotta Fri 21-Jun-13 22:14:41

I also prefer a large sink and would hate a small round sink.
WHy not get a normal sized 1.5 bowl sink but with a cover as Creature suggests?

primallass Fri 21-Jun-13 20:59:06

Oh I would hate a round sink.

CreatureRetorts Fri 21-Jun-13 20:46:43

Get one of those flash sinks which you can cover up so have extra worktop. Or can you free up work top eg by moving the microwave onto a shelf?

workingtitle Fri 21-Jun-13 07:05:42

I would always prefer a large sink, even in a small kitchen. Totally agree with what Fishfingers says about small sinks making kitchens look smaller.

pinksomething Thu 20-Jun-13 23:48:48

I got small round sink and drainer just over 2 years ago and have never regretted it. In fact hadn't even thought about it til I read your thread!!

FishfingersAreOK Thu 20-Jun-13 23:46:17

If you cannot soak a roasting tin in it (size or shape wise) it will be a PITA. Could you fit your mop bucket in it? Is it big enough to empty a mop bucket into? We had a round one whilst living in a static whilst doing the house up - was a pain for all of the above. (though to be fair at the end of 8 months I hated everything about the static so may be slightly bitter grin )

It (probably) wouldn't put me off but what it may actually do is make the kitchen seem smaller IYSWIM - if the sink looks small it may make the kitchen look skimpy. I may be wrong.

notso Thu 20-Jun-13 14:54:08

I regret it or rather DH does because he has to hear me moaning about it, as he chose it. He thought we wouldn't need a big sink with having a dishwasher and it does look lovely but it is a PITA for washing up anything big like a pasta pan or if we need to wash muddy boots or anything.

I am getting the compromise of a big sink put in the utility room to make up for it.

wallpaperaddict Thu 20-Jun-13 14:43:27

Hmmm, kind of what I was thinking. Sounds a similar set up, circular bowl and drainer making a large oval. I'll have a measure up and see what I'll actually save. Thanks!

Yonihadtoask Thu 20-Jun-13 14:38:15

Hmm.. you may regret it.
We have a smallish circular sink and circular drainer. With no 'proper' draining board.

there is a dishwasher - but still some items have to be washed in the sink.

Measure up first, if you are only saving a couple of inches then it won't be worth it.

I find ours a bit of a pita.

wallpaperaddict Thu 20-Jun-13 14:34:01

Currently have the type the has sink, plus half sink and drainer in a rectangular shape. The kitchen isn't tiny but isn't huge and we are about to refit. I am wondering if I'd prefer extra workspace and have a smaller oval sink. We use a dishwasher, so only wash pans in the sink really. Would a small sink put off potential buyers should we sell in the future? Appreciate this is beyond boring but would appreciate any opinions!

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